Four Seasons hotel


Georgia @ Howe

Is This Your Business?

cruiser adds: you cannot access the 3rd floor where these washrooms are located from the lower lobby main entrance unless a doorman or bellboy uses a key to call the car down. you have to take the escalator up one floor to the main lobby where the front and concierge desks are located then take the elevator up one more floor. go left out the elevator, make a sharp left down the corridor and walk all the way down till it looks like you're going outside. the washroom door is on the left. you can however take the elevator from the 3rd floor back down to the lower lobby without going past the front desk on the way out.

Go to 1 floor above main lobby. There are huge meeting rooms there. Straight down the hall then left at the washrooms sign. The washrooms are big, out of the way, and rarely used by anyone not cruising.

Neighbourhood: Downtown

The 4 Seasons is at Georgia & Howe above Pacific Centre mall
  • Hours:Lunchtime and 5-7 pm are great times.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:The usual stuff
  • Nudity / Policy:easy to sshare a booth
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / yup
  • Warnings:noproblems
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