San Francisco Gay Cruising Areas

  • Costco Shorline Trails

    451 South Airport Boulevard , San Francisco

    There are trails along the shoreline behind the Costco in South San Francisco (off South Airport Blvd.). This is a public area and the spots are covert along the shore path.

    rating of Costco Shorline Trails
  • 5th and mission parking garage

    848-868 Mission St , San Francisco

    Quite... two urinal and two stall.toilite seat covers can be removed and you can have easy access to see and touch between stalls

    rating of 5th and mission parking garage
  • City College Cloud Hall 2nd Floor Bathroom

    50 Phelean Ave. Cloud Hall 2nd floor bathroom Near drafting rooms , San Francisco

    Clean and smell free. but hot guys there.
    Crowd: HOT latin guys and asians. I have seen only 2 other white guys there.

    rating of City College Cloud Hall 2nd Floor Bathroom
  • Buena Vista Park

    , San Francisco

    Lots of trails and paths -- if going at night best to scout it out during the day. Lots of trees, and hidden spots. evenings everyone just tucks themselves in a hollow and stands jacking waiting for t ...

    rating of Buena Vista Park
  • Westfield San Francisco Centre

    865 Market St. , San Francisco

    It seems there's always action here - all day long as long as the mall is open! Reflective floors and walls means you can see everything. Also, to get to the stalls/urinals, you have to make a U-turn ...

    rating of Westfield San Francisco Centre
  • Ocean Beach - Surfer area

    Great Highway at Sloat Ave.--Across from Zoo , San Francisco

    Crowd: Surfer dudes and all types

    rating of Ocean Beach - Surfer area
  • Fairmont Hotel

    950 Mason St. , San Francisco

    Crowd: Classy hotel types.

    rating of Fairmont Hotel
  • Lands End Beach

    , San Francisco

    Loacted in Lincoln Park. Can be very cool even in summer. Great views on a clear day.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Land's End Beach
  • Baker Beach

    , San Francisco

    Lots of places to have fun. Never seen rangers. Not to be confused with Nasty Boy Beach. Can be crowds of up to 500.
    Crowd: Mixed gay & straight. Very popular with gay men.

    rating of Baker Beach
  • Nickel Spa

    2187 Market St , San Francisco

    Spa with steamroom and showers. Steamroom can be very active with one or more guys. Staff sometimes joins in if they can. Very private.

    rating of Nickel Spa