San Francisco Gay Cruising Areas

  • Rincon Center Food Court

    101 Spear St. , San Francisco

    This is the bathroom of a fairly popular corporate food court in Rincon Center. It is located in the back rear corner of the food court, between an Italian place and a Korean restaurant. It consists o ...

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  • Golden Gate Park - Crossover Drive Bathroom

    , San Francisco

    update 1/13/2009: Was there last month. Right door removed, and plastered up with putty. As I walked out in dismay, a hottie walked in and we took business elsewhere.

    previous comment: Great ...

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  • Nickel Spa

    2187 Market St , San Francisco

    Spa with steamroom and showers. Steamroom can be very active with one or more guys. Staff sometimes joins in if they can. Very private.

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  • Becks Motor Lodge

    2222 Market St , San Francisco

    Becks Motor Lodge is mostly for gay men. Watch who you cruise and don't annoy the ones who are not interested :-)
    Crowd: All types of clientelle.

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  • Whole Foods Market

    399 Fourth Street , San Francisco

    This has the potential to be a great spot! The toilet paper dispenser between the stalls opens up for a great view and possibly more. Have only had a few encounters there, but it has been a voyeur's d ...

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  • Transbay Terminal

    Fremont and Mission , San Francisco

    No gloryholes some have peep holes. No action under stalls since renovation.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Mission Creek Park

    , San Francisco

    Crowd: Area residents, dog walkers.

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  • Stonestown Mall

    3251 20th Ave , San Francisco

    Crowd: SF State boys, close to the castro so you get a diverse group. Tourists, full of foreign exchange students.

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  • Sunnyside Conservatory

    200 Block of Monterey , San Francisco

    An overgrown garden area with a large wooden structure in the middle. There is a path that leads to the next street over from Monterey that is heavily forested.
    Crowd: All types, young city college ...

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  • City Hall

    Van Ness and Polk St , San Francisco

    Crowd: Anyone, some staff that work at City Hall

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