San Francisco Gay Cruising Areas

  • Macys Department Store

    170 O"Farrell Street , San Francisco

    Crowd: Washroom cruisers.

    rating of Macy's Department Store
  • Fairmont Hotel

    950 Mason St. , San Francisco

    Crowd: Classy hotel types.

    rating of Fairmont Hotel
  • Collingwood Park

    , San Francisco

    There is not a lot of privacy but, hey, that doesn't seem to stop anyone!
    Crowd: All types (sometimes hustlers).

    rating of Collingwood Park
  • Baker Beach

    , San Francisco

    Lots of places to have fun. Never seen rangers. Not to be confused with Nasty Boy Beach. Can be crowds of up to 500.
    Crowd: Mixed gay & straight. Very popular with gay men.

    rating of Baker Beach
  • Alamo Square Park

    1101 Fulton Street, , San Francisco

    Crowd: homos.

    rating of Alamo Square Park
  • Yerba Buena

    Yerba Buena Gardens/Metreon , San Francisco

    The is extremely unpredictable...sometimes you find nothing...but the urinals have no partitions between them, so sometimes you can pick up a curious hot guy by pulling the old -flash routine. Otherw ...

    rating of Yerba Buena
  • Fort Funston

    , San Francisco

    A lot of trails good for cruising, a few
    dead ends fairly private. Walk slowly,
    be quiet, pull it out and maybe you'll
    come upon someone else doing the same.
    Crowd: All types, a few old ...

    rating of Fort Funston
  • Duboce Triangle

    , San Francisco

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Duboce Triangle
  • George Sterling Park

    Hyde Street & Larkin Street , San Francisco

    Small park, but lately has been frequented by all types. Cruisiest area is below the basketball/tennis courts. Best times are after 10.
    Crowd: Everyone

    rating of George Sterling Park
  • Golden Gate Beach

    Also known as Nasty Boy Beach , San Francisco

    It's a modern day Sodom & Gommorah. Good beach all year round if sunny. Rock 'condos' keep out the cool breezes off the ocean, great view of incoming ships and sea lions while you . Can be up to 300 p ...

    rating of Golden Gate Beach