Adelaide Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Henley Beach library

    .., Adelaide


    rating of Henley Beach library

    668 Votes

  • Adelaide Bridge Toilet Block

    Near Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant, Adelaide

    If a guy looks in at you, give him a sign to come in. There's a guy there most week mornings at 7.30 am who loves to .
    Crowd: All types, gay & straight

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    2299 Votes

  • Walkerville Oval Toilets

    East from Stephens Terrace on to Walkerville Terrace, Adelaide

    Two cubicles and one . Dark in toilets, never locked! Private. Also trees on southern edge of area provide good cover!

    Crowd: Anyone, young guys.

    rating of Walkerville Oval Toilets

    2002 Votes

  • Toilets in James Pls City

    James Place, City, Adelaide

    he Toilets opposite City Cross near the Chocolate shop in James Place. There are 5 cubicles, two of which have recently had their seats removed.
    machines in there if you need to use them.
    Guys ...

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    2598 Votes

  • Glen Osmond Rd Toilets

    South Park Lands Glen Osmend Road, Adelaide

    here is a toilet block there that has all sorts of things going on in there day and night (toilets are risky in daylight hours) and the park and gardens are right there. It is just a matter of walking ...

    rating of Glen Osmond Rd Toilets

    1714 Votes

  • Pennington Gardens Toilet Block

    Outside Adelaide Oval, Pennington Gardens, Adelaide

    If a guy is looking through the gap at you, start to play with your , you'll soon know if he's intrested.
    Crowd: All types, gay and straight.

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    1425 Votes

  • Colonnades Shopping Centre toilets

    Beach Road, Adelaide

    Three cubicles and a couple of urinals.
    Crowd: All types

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    1432 Votes

  • West Lakes Shores Toilets

    Just south of Mirani Ct, off Military Road West Lakes, Adelaide

    There are plenty of places where you can sit discreetly in the car park and watch who goes in to the toilets. (Preferably not in your camper van!)
    Crowd: All types who are going to the beach.

    rating of West Lakes Shores Toilets

    3678 Votes

  • David Jones Toilets

    Rundle Mall., Adelaide

    2nd floor men's dept toilets.
    Crowd: All sorts, mostly city workers and guys looking for some fun.

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    3699 Votes

  • Lobethal Town Hall Toilets

    Main Street, Lobethal, Adelaide

    Very secluded, never used toilet block, clean, tidy, open 24/7.
    Crowd: Straight guys and tradies.

    rating of Lobethal, Town Hall Toilets

    1173 Votes

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