Adelaide Gay Cruising Areas

  • Santos Stadium

    , Adelaide

    was riding home the other night along westside bikeway and saw a guy in the trees, stopped to have a look and was well worthwhile. The new trees protect you from view from James Congdon Drive, and it ...

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  • Henley Beach Old Town Hall

    Seaview Rd, Adelaide

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  • Lake Windemere

    , Adelaide

    Walk into the park, just off of the road, or wait in car for someone else to arrive. There is a walking track, too. Look up in the trees to the side as you cruise.
    Crowd: Young to middle-aged guys.

    rating of Lake Windemere

    1391 Votes

  • Kesters Road

    Toilet on left, on Wilkinson Road, Adelaide

    rowd: All types of men go there. Varied from suit-dressed men from the office to rough workers. All very nice men with good . in toilet door. Flash your hard outside of door and wait for an invitati ...

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  • Glandore Oval

    Naldera Street, Adelaide

    o outside doors. Park near club rooms or playground and walk to the loos with the wall murals. Just sit inside and wait, generally you'll get visitors.
    after 8:30 pm.
    Crowd: Ages 20-something to ...

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  • Adelaide Trains-Tram

    , Adelaide

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway, It is becoming a huge trend to ride the last car, known as t ...

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  • Elizabeth City Centre Shops

    Main North Rd. Elizabeth, Adelaide

    The new Elizabeth Shopping Centre represents a fusion of contemporary architecture and retail and leisure facilities that sets a new benchmark for South Australia.

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  • Napier Building Ground Floor

    Adelaide University (off North Terrace), Adelaide

    his beat has been around forever and it keeps on keeping on! A few little s, but mostly action in private cubicles. Gets really busy at times. Also try the washrooms on the basement, 2nd and 4th level ...

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  • Bridge Street

    Bridge Street, Adelaide

    Toilets closed from evening, but still action around! Good for nude roaming.

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  • Paynhem Oval

    Entrance off John Street, Adelaide

    here is a car park next to the Paynhem Oval and also a toilet block, which has no doors to the entrance and open 24 hours. Two cubicles! Nice and discreet. Also you can go around the grandstand, as it ...

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