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  • Water Tower Park

    Cruising Areas

    Lots of guys go here. It is VERY cruisy.
    Park your car or just drive around till
    you see someone else hot. I've seen guys
    in teens to old guy

  • Valley Avenue

    Cruising Areas

    Plentiful action. Most show hard in car and either get in each others cars for the action or walk up into the woods. Have gone into the woods at lunch

  • Dysarts Truck Stop

    Cruising Areas

    This is a truck stop where many truckers wait for new assignments and deliveries. The bathrooms have showers, urinals, and stalls.
    Crowd: Truckers

  • Prentiss Woods

    Cruising Areas

    40 acres of park is enough for plenty of action, about 2 miles of trails. List a favorite/best spot to cruise.
    Crowd: All ages, high school-older.