Bangor Gay Cruising Areas

  • Bangor Public Library

    145 Harlow Street , Bangor

    Crowd: Teens and older.

    rating of Bangor Public Library
  • Home Depot

    650 Stillwater Ave , Bangor

    Walk to the back of the store and the restrooms are located there. Its clean, and spacious.

    rating of Home Depot
  • Prentiss Woods

    , Bangor

    40 acres of park is enough for plenty of action, about 2 miles of trails. List a favorite/best spot to cruise.
    Crowd: All ages, high school-older.

    rating of Prentiss Woods
  • Water Tower Park

    , Bangor

    Lots of guys go here. It is VERY cruisy.
    Park your car or just drive around till
    you see someone else hot. I've seen guys
    in teens to old guys drive through and you know what they want.
    Cr ...

    rating of Water Tower Park
  • Valley Avenue

    , Bangor

    Plentiful action. Most show hard in car and either get in each others cars for the action or walk up into the woods. Have gone into the woods at lunchtime and enjoyed up to 8 guys together! What a sce ...

    rating of Valley Avenue
  • Bangor Mall JC Penney 1st Floor

    663 Stillwater Ave , Bangor

    Crowd: any age

    rating of Bangor Mall JC Penney 1st Floor
  • Bangor Mall Restrooms

    exit 178 stillwater ave. , Bangor

    Door is behind wall and noisy so it's apparent when someone enters. Wall is reflective by the tile on the wall. There use to be two peep holes but now covered up by screws, easy to take off.
    Crowd: ...

    rating of Bangor Mall Restrooms
  • Dysarts Truck Stop

    366 Coldbrook Rd , Bangor

    This is a truck stop where many truckers wait for new assignments and deliveries. The bathrooms have showers, urinals, and stalls.
    Crowd: Truckers young and old.

    rating of Dysarts Truck Stop
  • Millinockett Rest Area North

    , Bangor

    Wooded and secluded in places.
    Crowd: Usual crowd of travelers.

    rating of Millinockett Rest Area North
  • Bangor Auditorium Grand Stands

    Main St ,Bangor , Bangor

    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Bangor Auditorium Grand Stands
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