Boston Gay Cruising Areas

  • UMB Clark Athletic Center Pool Locker Room Showers

    University Drive, Dorchester, MA 02125 , Boston

    This is a good sized locker room with gang shower stalls, two bathroom stalls, and one . It is accesible from two long corridors: one from the Pool and one from the main part of the Clark Athletic Cen ...

    rating of UMB Clark Athletic Center Pool Locker Room & Showers
  • World Trade Center

    200 Seaport Blvd , Boston

    Office building with easy, no ID required access.

    rating of World Trade Center
  • Boston College Football Stadium-Conte Forum

    Conte Forum , Boston

    Not a lot of trouble here, if any. Football player's practice around noon time. Lots of space in stalls. Anyone can get here with ease.

    rating of Boston College Football Stadium-Conte Forum
  • Longwood Galleria

    400 Brookline Avenue , Boston

    This bathroom is getting hotter and hotter. Lots of really hot young guys, and lots of hot sucking.
    Crowd: Lots of hot doctors from the nearby medical center. Lots of really hot guys.

    rating of Longwood Galleria
  • Public Restroom Atlantic Ave- Seaport Blvd

    Atlantic Ave/ Seaport Blvd , Boston

    public restroom open 24/7. Noticed it the other day and checked it out- no idea if there is action there, but would be a great spot- private... I would recommend hanging out outside on the little de ...

    rating of Public Restroom (Atlantic Ave- Seaport Blvd)
  • Intercontinental Hotel Mens Room first floor

    510 Atlantic Avenue , Boston

    Men's Room has 3 urinals and 3 stalls and is open to the public. The mens room is located off the Main Lobby on the first floor past the elevator to the Garage. - Very private.

    rating of Intercontinental Hotel Men's Room, first floor
  • Logan International Airport Terminal D

    Logan Airport , Boston

    Old-fashioned bathroom (no partitions between the stalls) Squeaky double doors give notice of in-coming traffic -- plenty of time to pretend to be doing your business
    Crowd: Customers and employees ...

    rating of Logan International Airport Terminal D
  • Boston Public Library Copley

    700 Boylston Street, Copley Square , Boston

    This is an OK place for the occasional . The bathrooms are just past the security officer's desk, though, so be careful.
    Crowd: students, librarians, hot guys off the street.

    rating of Boston Public Library (Copley)
  • Macys Boston

    450 Washington Street (Downtown Crossing) , Boston

    Lots of traffic at lunch, so mostly just some mutual jack off. More quiet after work (aroud 7 pm) and possible to get off under under the .
    Crowd: At lunch lots of guys in suits.

    rating of Macy's Boston
  • Alewife T-Station

    , Boston

    This is a hot spot for a quicky at lunchtime. Lots of young, business types who are eager to get off before going back to their desk job.
    Crowd: College guys and businessmen.

    rating of Alewife T-Station