Brampton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Clarence Square Mall

    SE corner of Kennedy & Clarence, Brampton

    Only men's washroom in mall. There's no security I think!
    Crowd: Mix - some older.

    rating of Clarence Square Mall

    3499 Votes

  • Norton Place Park

    , Brampton

    Crowd: everyone

    rating of Norton Place Park

    4730 Votes

  • Bramelea Public Library

    Across from Bramelea City Center, Brampton

    Crowd: Younger, older, teens. All ages. Washroom on first floor very busy with and without action.

    rating of Bramelea Public Library

    2957 Votes

  • Home Depot Brampton

    60 Great Lakes Drive, Brampton

    Crowd: Many gay males shop in the decore/paint/flooring/electrical sections. Cruise for men and sales people. They will follow to bathrooms.

    rating of Home Depot Brampton

    3817 Votes

  • White Spruce Park

    , Brampton

    This a very secluded park with not too many visitors and many spots in the trees to get it on.
    Crowd: Bi, gay, couples, old and young

    rating of White Spruce Park

    4693 Votes

  • Upwood Park

    , Brampton

    hree paths that fork in the middle and go to different entrances.
    Lots of dense cover. Many fallen trees for sitting or bending over.
    I've been quite nicely there three times, 15 ft. from a pat ...

    rating of Upwood Park

    1938 Votes

  • Eldorado Park

    , Brampton

    Large public park with credit river meandering throughout it. Public swimming pool during summer months and large rec. hall.
    Crowd: all sorts

    rating of Eldorado Park

    2442 Votes

  • Major Oaks Park

    Williams Pkwy West of 410, Brampton

    Crowd: Cruisy parking lot. Just hang outside your car and someone will approach you I'm sure, walk path there as well.

    rating of Major Oaks Park

    2960 Votes

  • Shoppers World Bay Upstairs

    499 Main S, Brampton

    go up the escalators and turn left. Or take the elevator in the mens department and turn right out of the elevator.
    Crowd: older guys mostly...but do get the odd young guy.

    rating of Shoppers World Bay, Upstairs

    1635 Votes

  • Pedestrian Pathway between Elgin Avenue and Clarence Ave

    #10 Hwy 3 light north of Steeles Avenue, Brampton

    People meet on the path and If the chemistry is right, there are plenty of secluded bush areas.
    Crowd: All kinds young to older

    rating of Pedestrian Pathway between Elgin Avenue and Clarence Ave

    1762 Votes