Brampton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Sheridan College Davis Campus

    McLaughlin and Steeles , Brampton

    An out of the way washroom, tends to be busy before the night classes start (between 5:45 and 6:30).
    Crowd: All types. During the school year during the days its the younger crowd, like 18-25; and ...

    rating of Sheridan College Davis Campus
  • Ogada Wilderness Centre

    , Brampton

    Bit of a muddy pathway at times. Open field with forest surrounding the field.
    Crowd: This site has just been discovered.

    rating of Ogada Wilderness Centre
  • Four Corners Library

    65 Queen Street East , Brampton

    The bathrooms are pretty small, but the urinals are close together and action has been experienced there.
    Crowd: A variety of guys go there.

    rating of Four Corners Library
  • Shoppers World Main Washrooms

    Main Street/Hurontario and Steeles. , Brampton

    There are 4-5 urinals followed by 4 s. The last is where most action happens.
    Crowd: Morning = Older men.***br***Afternoon = Younger Guys 18-25.

    rating of Shoppers World Main Washrooms
  • Maitland park south

    Williams Parkway , Brampton

    Crowd: Anyone between 18 - 55.

    rating of Maitland park south
  • 2nd Floor Washroom in Bramalea City Center

    Bramalea City Center , Brampton

    Update 2/3/2009: Entrance to bathroom no longer has doors. No warning.

    Two stalls and 4 urinals.
    Crowd: Older men, Students.

    rating of 2nd Floor Washroom in Bramalea City Center
  • Tim Hortons City Centre

    Bramalea City Centre , Brampton

    Crowd: Younger crowd some really hot guys hang out at the side of building in the parking lot.

    rating of Tim Horton's City Centre
  • Sears Bramelea City Center

    Bramelea City Center , Brampton

    Crowd: Anyone.

    rating of Sears Bramelea City Center
  • Hilldale park

    Hilldale cres. , Brampton

    Wooded area just inside of the park many catwalks with loads of trees and very little lighting. Can walk for miles on path (park is on right hand side of the street away from schools).
    Crowd: Older ...

    rating of Hilldale park
  • Home Depot Brampton

    60 Great Lakes Drive , Brampton

    Crowd: Many gay males shop in the decore/paint/flooring/electrical sections. Cruise for men and sales people. They will follow to bathrooms.

    rating of Home Depot Brampton