Bristol Gay Cruising Areas

  • Conham Park Picnic Area

    Hanham, Bristol

    Lots of secluded areas in this woodland paradise!
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Conham Park Picnic Area

    3567 Votes

  • Downs by Suspension Bridge

    , Bristol

    used to live 2 mins walk away, and would often put on some undies, then jeans & a sweater over that, then walk over & sit waiting on a bench. I never waited more than 30 mins for action. Now live a ...

    rating of Downs, by Suspension Bridge

    3369 Votes

  • Snuff Mills

    Toilets at the end of River View road at entrance to park, Bristol

    nuff Mills Park is located about 3 miles north east of Brisol, between Eastville Park and Oldbury Estate helping to form a continuous green corridor along the river.
    Crowd: Mixture. Some great lorr ...

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    6050 Votes

  • Brandon Hill

    Great George Street, Bristol

    Crowd: Business Men, Locals, Students.

    rating of Brandon Hill

    8545 Votes

  • Bus Station

    Bristol City Centre, Bristol

    used to come here every month on my way to college in Exeter, cost 20p to go in, but boy was it worth it. All the cubicles had gloryholes, i always spent my 3 hour connection time here, and it flew b ...

    rating of Bus Station

    3397 Votes

  • Galleries Shopping Centre

    Broadmead (opposite Tesco metro), Bristol

    pdate 6/2/2008: After refurbishment, there are now 4 cubicles, no peephole, heavy security, and no door. It's now completely cruise-proof and should be avoided.

    Two cubicles with a spy hole ...

    rating of Galleries Shopping Centre

    2409 Votes

  • Eastville Park

    , Bristol

    General parkland with tarmac paths and lots of dark, bushy places.
    Crowd: Various, office workers on their way home. Mixed group later.

    rating of Eastville Park

    2368 Votes

  • Durdham Downs

    , Bristol

    t is a wide open field surrounded by roads. It has several wooded ares and frequented paths. Plenty of places to have and two sets of public toilets that close at 6pm. Good parking.
    Crowd: Anyone ...

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    9045 Votes

  • Lawfords Gate Park

    Braggs, Bristol

    Crowd: All sorts, hunks, professionals, students,

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    1824 Votes

  • Dovecote Car Park entrance to Ashton Field

    , Bristol

    ound the site accidentally, it must be listed on another site or something, went to the pub with my girlfriend a few times for a meal and it seemed like just another country pub, but when leaving the ...

    rating of Dovecote Car  Park entrance to Ashton Field

    1812 Votes