Bristol Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Long Ashton A38 public toilets

    A38 at Long Ashton just south of Bristol, Bristol

    Crowd: Truckers,businessmen,bikers,cruisers of most ages.

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    2895 Votes

  • Bridgewater Road Toilets

    Bridgewater Road (A38), Bristol

    pdate 9/2/2008: Has been redecorated and renovated, less room but lots of guys still go, when it is open. Sometimes at night the grassed area behind it can be a good place to meet as well.
    Crowd: E ...

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    2099 Votes

  • Keynsham Car Park toilets

    Ashton Way/Charlton Road off High St., Bristol

    Crowd: Mixture of young and old, experienced/first timers.***br***I NEVER COME AWAY DISSATISFIED!

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    3683 Votes

  • Victoria Park Toilets

    Victoria Park, Windmill Hill, Bristol

    pdate 5/20/2008: The 'Windmill Hill Action Group' have been putting up police messages inside the toilet, saying that 'regular patrols are being carried out'.
    Crowd: Some young guys, middleagers, j ...

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    2367 Votes

  • Moravian Road Toilets

    Off High Street, Kingswood, Bristol

    2 stalls and .
    Crowd: Allsorts - shoppers.

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    1983 Votes

  • A38 Filton Public Toilets

    Church Road Opposite Filton Parish Church, off Gloucester Rd North A38, Bristol

    3 stalls.
    Crowd: All sorts, guys visiting bank and from British Aerospace / Rolls Royce.

    rating of A38 Filton Public Toilets

    4397 Votes

  • Castle Park Toilets

    Castle Park, Bristol

    Toilet right in the centre of Bristol behind the galleries shopping centre.
    Crowd: Various shoppers and people who work in Broadmead.

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    7709 Votes

  • St George Park Toilets

    St George, Bristol

    Crowd: More 30's and older. Some younger.

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    2518 Votes

  • Littlewoods Toilets

    Broadmead Bristol, Bristol

    pstairs in the Index part, Ideal cruising spot..
    Crowd: Mainly office types, First time I went there I had a threesome with older guy about 40 and younger guy about 20, I the young stud as the now ...

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    2101 Votes

  • Arches Toilets

    Under the Arches on Gloucester Rd, Bristol

    Crowd: Mainly old but good location to get some young guys in.

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    1342 Votes