Carbondale Gay Cruising Areas

  • Evergreen Park

    901 West Pleasant Hill Road, Carbondale

    The restroom is your typical park restroom.
    Crowd: Locals and college students are here to partake in activities.

    rating of Evergreen Park

    1608 Votes

  • University Mall Food Court

    , Carbondale

    It's fairly quiet due to placement of the food court, so much can happen here.
    Crowd: All types. Be careful of straight and mall staff.

    rating of University Mall Food Court

    1500 Votes

  • Lowes

    1170 Rendleman Rd Next to Dick's, Carbondale

    Crowd: All types, especially construction workers.

    rating of Lowe's

    1136 Votes

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale Morris Library

    W. Grand, Carbondale

    ruiser update 1/19/2009: aqll floors but 6 and 7th are open. hook up spots would be basement, 2 floor and 5th floor also the 6 and 7th late night.
    cruiser update 11/7/2008: the 2 floor ...

    rating of Southern Illinois University Carbondale Morris Library

    2368 Votes

  • Giant City State Park

    , Carbondale

    Very nice park and very large, lots of places to go.
    Crowd: College age, all ages.

    rating of Giant City State Park

    1317 Votes

  • University Mall JC Penney

    1201 E Main Street, Carbondale

    hree stalls and three urinals. The place varies in how active it is, but I have never gone there without ing at least one ...and most times I get to 3 or 4. It is a lile on the high traffic ...

    rating of University Mall JC Penney

    1665 Votes

  • Crab Orchard Boat Ramp

    Spillway Road, Carbondale

    Way off the road, no one comes down there unless they want action.
    Crowd: locals, college guys, older guys.

    rating of Crab Orchard Boat Ramp

    1728 Votes

  • William Mayberry Arboretum

    Pleasant Hill Road, Carbondale

    his is a small park near the south end of campus. There is a parking lot and a trail that makes a circle through the woods.A lot of people park there around lunch time, but in off times could be used ...

    rating of William Mayberry Arboretum

    1110 Votes

  • Carbondale Reservoir Dam

    Carbondale Reservoir Rd, Carbondale

    park and a dam. The trail goes into the woods where guys can meet. Great location at night, close to 2 apartment complexes that hose students and users of this site. If you love the outdoors you woul ...

    rating of Carbondale Reservoir Dam

    1348 Votes