• lendson

  • Lobitto

  • pinduca

  • homemaomar


  • kikocwb

  • Cine So Joo 1 and 2

    Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

    straight films, normally old movies. The place is quiet, and everything goes on: jacking off, sucking, even and sometimes sucking/ groups.

  • Sauna Batel

    Bathhouses Saunas

    Not a special and big sauna but reasonable clean, with bar, masseur, steam room and dry sauna.
    Crowd: Actually is known as a hetero sauna, but ever

  • Clube 773

    Bathhouses Saunas

    Rentboy Suana and bar. Lots of nice young men, and strippers on occasion. Very friendly atmosphere.
    Crowd: This is mainly a rentboy sauna.

  • Parque Barigui

    Cruising Areas

    This is far the best cruising place in Curitiba with different type of men cruising depending on the time and day of the week. If you like married men