Curitiba Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Sauna Batel

    R.Teixeira Coelho, between Av. Batel and R. Dom Pedro II, Curitiba

    ot a special and big sauna but reasonable clean, with bar, masseur, steam room and dry sauna.
    Crowd: Actually is known as a hetero sauna, but everything goes there, from sucking to . There are some ...

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  • Clube 773

    Rua Joao Negrato, 773, 1, Centro, Curitiba

    entboy Suana and bar. Lots of nice young men, and strippers on occasion. Very friendly atmosphere.
    Crowd: This is mainly a rentboy sauna.
    Facilities: Basically a bar with rentboys, and rooms to ...

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    1323 Votes

  • Sauna 520

    520 Souza Naves, Curitiba

    pened in 1992, this is a very nice sauna located on East Side of downtown Curitiba. College guys and basically the Curitiban gay youth likes to hang out there. The place has dry sauna, vapor sauna, ho ...

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