Curitiba Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Sauna Batel

    R.Teixeira Coelho, between Av. Batel and R. Dom Pedro II , Curitiba

    Not a special and big sauna but reasonable clean, with bar, masseur, steam room and dry sauna.
    Crowd: Actually is known as a hetero sauna, but everything goes there, from sucking to . There are som ...

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  • Clube 773

    Rua Joao Negrato, 773, 1, Centro , Curitiba

    Rentboy Suana and bar. Lots of nice young men, and strippers on occasion. Very friendly atmosphere.
    Crowd: This is mainly a rentboy sauna.
    Facilities: Basically a bar with rentboys, and rooms to ...

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  • Sauna 520

    520 Souza Naves , Curitiba

    Opened in 1992, this is a very nice sauna located on East Side of downtown Curitiba. College guys and basically the Curitiban gay youth likes to hang out there. The place has dry sauna, vapor sauna, h ...

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