Dallas Gay Cruising Areas

  • Lee Park

    , Dallas

    he woods are part of the Katy walking trail. The hill by the woods is a dismantled railroad with the tracks removed. The wooded area at the base of the hill is one of the hottest cruising spots in Dal ...

    rating of Lee Park

    3008 Votes

  • Southwest Center Mall Foleys

    3550 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas

    The restroom is very cruisy, with some
    action. Lots meet up and go elsewhere.
    Crowd: Mostly Latino and some black.

    rating of Southwest Center Mall Foley's

    1872 Votes

  • Sheraton Dallas Hotel formerly Adams Mark Hotel

    400 Olive Street, Dallas

    he restroom is accessed down a long hallway and entrance out of view of s and urinals, providing good recovery
    time. The urinals have no dividers and
    there is extra space between doors
    fo ...

    rating of Sheraton Dallas Hotel formerly Adams Mark Hotel

    5566 Votes

  • Dreyfuss Club at White Rock Lake

    , Dallas

    Nice park, hot guys, usually meet up there and drive elswhere around the lake for .
    Crowd: Guys of all ages and shapes cruising for .

    rating of Dreyfuss Club at White Rock Lake

    2133 Votes

  • White Rock Lake North

    , Dallas

    Crowd: Blue collar straight guys, some pretty gay guys.

    rating of White Rock Lake (North)

    2050 Votes

  • White Rock Lake

    , Dallas

    t is one of the few show places in Dallas. Best part of town and one of the safest places to cruise. Good judgement is always a good pratice. You should pracice caution anytime.
    Crowd: Young and ol ...

    rating of White Rock Lake

    4731 Votes

  • Harry Hines Blvd

    , Dallas

    fter 2am it shouldn't take over 20 minutes to find action. This isn't a gay area per se -- no hot hunks -- but you can find some hot queens in cars or in front of no-tell motels. Some of them are very ...

    rating of Harry Hines Blvd

    2866 Votes

  • Tom Braniff Park

    , Dallas

    mall gravel parking lot for the park. Guys may sit in their cars and cruise others but most get out and walk through the trees along narow footpaths. Many hidden areas in between shrubs and trees to g ...

    rating of Tom Braniff Park

    3454 Votes

  • Home Depot Forest Lane

    Forest Lane & Central Expressway, Dallas

    Very cruisy restroom, busiest weekdays
    at lunchtime.
    Crowd: Building trades, workers and young guys.

    rating of Home Depot, Forest Lane

    4212 Votes

  • Valley View Mall Dillards 3rd Floor

    Valley View Mall @ 13331 Preston Rd., Dallas

    Standard 3 3 mens room. The usual peep game or foot tap and drop & deal.
    Crowd: Mostly married straight guys

    rating of Valley View Mall Dillards 3rd Floor

    2672 Votes