Dallas Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • New Fine Arts Shiloh

    12045 Shiloh Road , Dallas

    A great place to meet up with guys there for the same reason you are... to get off...

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  • Odyssey 183

    Hwy 183 and Regal Row , Dallas

    Crowd: Various

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  • Mockingbird Video

    708 Mockingbird Lane , Dallas

    ive been blown more times than the Mavericks lead late in the fourth quarter. had a couple of four ways. got lucky and banged a guys wife out for him. strapped up and plow a couple of cornholio's. you ...

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  • LIDO Adult Movie Theatre

    7035 John Carpenter Frwy, Dallas, TX, 75247 , Dallas

    I have NEVER gone without when visiting the LIDO. Some days, I have as much as I wanted, AND have always managed to get my load consumed before leaving. 11/18/04 Another cruiser says: Lido has a gay ...

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  • Paris Adult Bookstore Theater

    11118 Harry Hines Blvd. , Dallas

    Huge number (maybe 80-100) of large clean buddy booths with good video equipment & nice couches. As always, keep the video going & don't loiter in the halls. Guys in all sizes, shapes, & colors. Been ...

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  • Odyssey

    11505 Anaheim Dr , Dallas

    You can pick up a guy by leaving the door unlocked and having the video on. A light shines if the video is playing. Someone can then peek in and see if he wants to partner up.
    Crowd: Mostly married ...

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  • Adult World

    Mockinbird , Dallas

    18 very clean rooms. Staff mops regularly, and there are Kleenex in the rooms as well. Best place in Dallas, really. You can kneel and not put your knee in something you'll regret. I've had many good ...

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  • Alternatives

    1720 W. Mockingbird Lane, about 1/2 east of I-35, in back of boo , Dallas

    The theater room has 4 mini theaters that seat about 10-15 guys each. Another update: $8 dollars to get in before midnight, $5 after that until 7 am.
    Crowd: Pretty much every type of guy. Not very ...

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  • Amazing Superstores

    11327 Reeder Rd. , Dallas

    Two levels of large buddy booths. Extremely clean and brand new. No hassles from staff so far.

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