Exeter Gay Cruising Areas

  • Dingles Department Store Cottage Behind

    Catherine Street, Exeter

    ave seen threesomes going on private cubicles, where there are gaps below the walls. Either look under or watch for someone wanking. Excellent pickup place. The nervous ones of you can linger outside ...

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  • Okehampton Street

    , Exeter

    Very small toilets, out of the way. Only one with steel door. I haven't seen any security as yet.
    Crowd: Old and a few young.

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  • Beare Staight

    , Exeter

    Ideal spot for truckers to pull up for the night. Trees hide from road have found it good on a number of occassions for truckers packed in for the night.
    Crowd: Truckers pulling up for the night

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  • Bus Station

    Paris Street, Exeter

    Large area ina u-shape, so cruising easy. 5/6 cubicles, spaces under walls but no holes.
    Crowd: All ages, old, young (university students), passers through

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  • University of Exeter Libary

    Streatham Campus, The Queen?s Drive, Exeter

    Crowd: Students

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  • St Davids Train Station

    Off Bonhay Road, Exeter

    Crowd: All types

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  • King William Carpark

    Bottom of King William Car Park, Exeter

    pdate 12/5/2008: Debenhams has moved, so it's no longer 'behind Debenhams' There is now some wherhouse clearence store and the NHS walk in centre!This cottage was refurbashed some time ago. There are ...

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  • Haldon Hill

    A380, Exeter

    ruiser update 1/20/2009: I've added pinpoints to a google map with the best location on it.

    Point A on the map is the "railings carpark" this isyour usual carpark cruising site either side of t ...

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  • Exeter Race Course

    , Exeter

    ruiser adds: 2 large carparks on the right and left of the lane. The left carpark is normally used for straight doggers and the right for cruising.

    previous comment: The first small carpark is ...

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  • Guildhall Shopping Centre

    , Exeter

    Crowd: Students and Shoppers.

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