Clubhouse II


2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd

Is This Your Business?

Clubhouse II draws a somewhat senatorial but friendlier cruising crowd. Rooms are almost always available at this club, although the special bondage room - complete with four-poster bed - always seems occupied.
Crowd: No-attitude guys looking for only, no eye-.
Facilities: Steam room, dry and wet sauna, play room with videos, guys walk around nude.

Who's Coming

No-attitude guys looking for only, no eye-.Facilities

near the Gemini House and the Wilton Manors area.Cross street: US 1 (Federal Hwy)
  • Crowd:No-attitude guys looking for only, no eye-.Facilities: Steam room, dry and wet sauna, play room with videos, guys walk around nude.Yes
  • Hours:24/7Best times: After 10 pm on Saturdays.Dates open: 24/7
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Just be very friendly. Cruisiest Spots: Steam room. Another very cruisy spot is the dark hallway, just inside the door behind the first row of rooms.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
whos coming to Clubhouse II
  • Hey Wet I'll be there around 7 send me a email telling me what you look like so we can meet up?

    Commented on 6/18/2009 3:45:14 AM

  • going later at 4 to check out what ATB is all about..

    Commented on 6/14/2009 12:14:04 PM

  • I've noticed in Hotspots that Bear and Cub night is moving to only one night the 3rd Thursday of the month check it out on their website they have all new nights and day "Specials"! Sundays sound like fun! Be safe...

    Commented on 6/5/2009 9:01:29 AM

  • bottom32.. I like this place's tonight..........6/4

    Commented on 6/4/2009 8:04:25 AM

  • Can someone post reply - what is a good time to get to Clubhouse II onThur b&C night? And what time does it slow down?
    Bear and Cub night.

    Commented on 6/4/2009 7:07:48 AM

  • I do like going to this place-- What is B & C night? I do like bears to lay some pipe in my butt , bang me. When is B&C night?
    If any bear wants to hang out there and play with me let me know. I am actually a good looking bottom.

    Commented on 6/3/2009 10:31:48 AM

  • Always....... but I find when it not crowded I have more fun more is not always better!

    Commented on 6/2/2009 5:41:15 AM

  • Yeah - definitely use your holes man. Vacationing in FL. Hope there's a crowd.

    Commented on 6/2/2009 2:17:49 AM

  • 6 / 2 / 09. Leather Night. I will be there..It's my first time for this special night.Want to help me enjoy it?

    Commented on 6/1/2009 9:44:45 AM

  • leather night tuesday 6/2 be there

    Commented on 5/29/2009 4:14:05 AM

  • Heading over at noon today just called and the guy said that they were getting busy already? What to do on a rainy day follow me!

    Commented on 5/24/2009 10:35:43 AM

  • i havent been here in years. Will be in vacation 1st week in july and trying to do my 1st gangbang. Is this place a good choice? Any suggestions?

    Commented on 5/24/2009 2:25:39 AM

  • advance notice for leather night june and the boys from orlando cuming back..all large...lets do it again boys

    Commented on 5/22/2009 8:05:09 AM

  • your arriving on B&C night which is a fun night see ya there!

    Commented on 5/20/2009 6:08:36 AM

  • any tops going there tonight?

    Commented on 5/13/2009 11:11:04 AM

  • when I have gone there was both.. I'm mostly top..

    Commented on 5/7/2009 8:01:19 AM

  • ok another great night but not has good has last week it must be the flu thing keeping everyone home!

    Commented on 5/6/2009 8:14:12 AM

  • any special nights happening on memorial weekend? ... is it mostly bottom that show up, or tops?

    sorry for all the questions ..

    Commented on 5/6/2009 8:05:22 AM

  • I went there for the first time in weeks today I notice that the place has taken a step to making it smell not like a bath house and also that they have purell hand sanitizers throughout the club I ask the guy at the window what was going on with the exterior and he said that they were getting a new look! Hats off to you ClubhouseII....

    Commented on 5/6/2009 6:13:13 AM

  • is this flu keep people from coming out on the weekends?

    Commented on 5/5/2009 10:15:51 AM

  • leather night tonight had great time last week going back for more!

    Commented on 5/5/2009 4:03:42 AM

  • will be there in mid-may .. is this a good place to get pounded by tops? is it usually busy on wed/thrus after the bars ? any hotties usually or just older guys?

    Commented on 4/30/2009 9:03:57 AM


    Commented on 4/29/2009 11:40:30 AM

  • Went last night for Leather Night had a blast hey topper I'll be Friday!

    Commented on 4/29/2009 2:49:16 AM

  • hey man I'm not saying one or the other because I will get slammed by someone best choice for you if you have time try both of them I can tell you if you do both go to the clubhouse during the day than slammer at night it's a late crowd.

    Living in Ft.Laud. is not easy people get very offensive!

    Commented on 4/28/2009 8:20:11 AM

  • if its a crummy (weather-wsie) afternoon and u have nothing better 2 do, this place is it....otherwise, go somewhere experience, my opinion....y do i feel 1 of the numerous postings (obviously same person under different nic) will reply? LAME

    Commented on 4/25/2009 2:52:01 AM

  • had a blast the bartender is so nice and handsome!

    Commented on 4/24/2009 6:32:17 AM

  • Going tonight for B&C Night went last week and what fun I love the bartender what a HOTTIE!

    Commented on 4/23/2009 7:04:53 AM

  • Thinking about going there on Wed around noon... anyone else going to be there?

    Commented on 4/21/2009 10:26:35 AM

  • Check out their website the only thing I see that they didn't change much was the membership but you really don't need it you can use other club cards!

    I think it''s great that they did it goes to show you that they do think of their members and guest with this economy!

    Commented on 4/19/2009 8:00:20 AM

  • How much??

    Commented on 4/18/2009 11:04:37 AM

  • Well guess what I have got to tell you the best Club in town has dropped it's prices Big time! You Go ClubhouseII Thanks...

    Commented on 4/18/2009 7:54:29 AM

  • was going to check out B&C night there tomorrow night I heard last week was great but I might check you guys out tonight also!

    Commented on 4/15/2009 8:14:00 AM

  • I actually don't think it's employees on either side making these comments since both clubs are doing well. It's more likely someone who prefers one place over the other trying to lure people over to their side. I'm close friends with a former employee of CH2 and the management there is barely aware of this site.

    Commented on 4/14/2009 11:34:52 AM

  • My opinion it's ex-employees or employees from the other club that keep bashing the CLUBHOUSE because they know it's their BEST competition!

    Commented on 4/14/2009 8:15:26 AM

  • I love CH2 ! Been going of and on since the early 80's.. Sure miss payiing 5 bucks back then......

    Commented on 4/13/2009 7:12:15 AM

  • I have read a few of his post and he is a very bitter person when it comes to the Clubhouse I think the place is great!

    Commented on 4/13/2009 3:26:21 AM

  • Huskyhung8... How many profiles you use to post messages.. Your just a flamer that love causing problems here.......

    Commented on 4/12/2009 10:43:16 AM

  • last night at slammers i must have seen at least 20 + guys i used to always see b4 @ clubII. thye all told me the same thing....its not what it used to be as in not a good thing anymore, too expensive, and crowd not worth it

    Commented on 4/12/2009 4:01:10 AM

  • i rest my case

    Commented on 4/7/2009 5:40:27 AM

  • Is it just me or is there an extraordinary amount of trannie stuff on the home page here?

    Commented on 4/6/2009 12:47:23 PM

  • for just arriving to south florida I find that this place had it all a great mix of guys no attitudes I'll go back for sure!

    Commented on 4/5/2009 10:14:34 AM

  • going tonight I heard that it's great on the weekends I hope it's better than what I have experience!

    Commented on 4/4/2009 7:00:37 AM

  • bobbito, really didn't know what you were trying to say until I read your profile I get now just let yourself go you will have fun!

    Commented on 4/4/2009 2:51:24 AM

  • c ya there

    Commented on 3/24/2009 7:12:38 AM

  • Texpacker...... Why you so bitter???

    Commented on 3/22/2009 12:52:26 PM

  • tuesday 3/24 4 hung tops/versatile cuming to leather night its always hot...breadmenow..just sent you an email

    Commented on 3/22/2009 9:57:05 AM

  • you are way off buddy I'm just a dedicated member! Sorry to bust your bubble!

    Commented on 3/22/2009 9:50:30 AM

  • I come to FTL very 2 months or so on business...CUbanbeqar is right about this place.....Wet N Edit sound like the same employee from this place...pretty sure i know which one... well, just a comment from someone outside the box...i have no pix cuz i do not think this site is worth the effort....bring on the ueberbitchy homo rmks

    Commented on 3/21/2009 3:42:34 AM

  • Sounds like a plan!

    Commented on 3/18/2009 6:48:05 AM

  • I've been there Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and it can be pretty hot between noon and 2 or 3 PM. After that it quietens down.

    Commented on 3/16/2009 4:13:08 AM

  • Whats it like weekdays around mid day?

    Commented on 3/16/2009 3:05:48 AM

  • I don't know... but he must have read alot on his way over on the boat but than according to his age it might have been a raft!

    Commented on 3/13/2009 8:02:35 AM

  • Hey Cubancub........ For someone that has no pic you sure like to run your mouth calling others "Obese older men" and putting the place down.. Dont like it then stay away..

    Commented on 3/12/2009 10:06:13 AM

  • I don't know, Wet69, but from his commentary, I gather he is intelligent and educated.

    Commented on 3/12/2009 9:06:46 AM

  • Cuban you are so wrong do us all a favor we don't need your attitude there stay away!

    Commented on 3/12/2009 7:59:49 AM

  • who is this person?

    Commented on 3/12/2009 5:54:32 AM

  • Hey Evildick,

    No attitude, just expressing my views. I'm cautiously optimistic a good crowd will come out and this will become a worthwhile event.

    Though some would argue the Clubhouse II and Slammers- on any given night & even The Club on weekend afternoons already count as bear/cub gatherings, no club has actively sought them out.

    If anyone went to the bear party during Woofest at The Club in previous years they can see there's a market for it. It was packed with HOT bears and cubs.

    Wether Clubhouse II can pull it together is another story. Maybe monthly instead of weekly would work better. Maybe some people will be turned off to the the Clubhouse II because of what I mentioned in my previous post.

    Like I said, I'm cautiously optimistic and willing to check it out.

    Bring on the bears and Cubs.

    Commented on 3/12/2009 3:38:21 AM

  • Ok men let the party begin tomorrow night is the new night at the Clubhouse! BEAR & CUB NIGHT and I understand the comp. bar is open so seeya there and it's $4 off on a room!

    Commented on 3/11/2009 12:36:00 PM

  • Going Friday night 3-13-09( lucky friday 13th!). Looking for tops 35-45 who know what they want. Hit me up if you'll be there.

    Commented on 3/11/2009 6:13:15 AM

  • thurs 3/12 coming back boys for an all nighter lets do it again

    Commented on 3/9/2009 8:47:46 AM

  • I noticed that Thursdays are Bear and Cub night it started last week I'm not into that but I've got to admit there are a few HOT Cubs out there so I might check it out this week!

    Commented on 3/9/2009 3:03:11 AM

  • There last night and little disappointed that there we not more guys, but still had a good time and found what I was searching for....

    Commented on 3/8/2009 7:39:39 AM

  • yes, tuesday night was HOT HOT HOT anybody that was in room 12 knows what I mean...lets do it again boys

    Commented on 3/7/2009 8:35:03 AM

  • getting ready to leave see you guys there!

    Commented on 3/3/2009 6:39:27 AM