Fort Lauderdale Gay Cruising Areas

  • McDonalds

    929 NW 62ND ST (Cypress Creek Road), Fort Lauderdale

    McDonald's restroom is active from lunchtime until about 6pm. Usually guys wanting
    to give or get . Double entry doors
    provide ample warning.
    Crowd: Local blue collar.

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  • Kmart

    670 E Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

    The restroom in K-Mart is very active. Guys
    are or sucking in and out of
    the stalls. The store itself is very
    cruisy, guys will connect and head for the

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    1986 Votes

  • Holiday Park

    , Fort Lauderdale

    ne time, driving after midnight I picked up a guy without words or previous knowledge. We had a session right in the car. was good, people say that neighbors don't complain about these activities. As ...

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    2950 Votes

  • Coral Ridge Shopping Mall

    3200 N. Federal Highway (US-1), Fort Lauderdale

    reat place when there are two or three hot guys at one time. One person will usually stand in front of the door while the other two can some or jack each other off. (two s and one ). 12/03/04 A crui ...

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  • Winn Dixie

    3599 N. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale

    Crowd: Men looking for Bj's

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  • Galleria Mall Burdines-Macys Top Floor

    2414 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

    Everyone goes here looking to get a quick bj before heading back to work on the ship.
    Crowd: Young cruise ship boys.

    rating of Galleria Mall Burdine's-Macy's Top Floor

    2100 Votes

  • Easterlin Park

    , Fort Lauderdale

    fter entering the park, bear left towards the restrooms, make eye contact with anyone of interest in the picnic table area and walk off into the woods, hopefully someone will follow you in. I went aro ...

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  • Home Depot Oakland Park

    1700 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

    This cruisy restroom has had its glory
    holes covered but action remains. Lots
    of under action with the after
    work crowd.
    Crowd: Average blue-collar crowd.

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  • Colohatchee Park

    , Fort Lauderdale

    nature preserve that allows a visitor to see what the riverfront was like 100 years ago. The west side has boardwalks over the mangroves, the east side has a boat ramp.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys fr ...

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  • Griffin Park

    , Fort Lauderdale

    there is a hole in the border fance just at the end of SW 30th AVE so you will see lots of guys from that area come and go.
    Crowd: All types mostly younger.

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