Heathrow Airport Gay Cruising Areas

  • Heathrow T4

    Heathrow Airport , Heathrow Airport

    Met a few guys, but if it's in the evening, I have an office nearby and have taken them back !

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  • Queens Building London Heathrow Airport

    London Heathrow Airport , Heathrow Airport

    Staff toilets located in the central area of Heathrow Airport at Queens Building with three cubicles and four urinals - large between the first two cubicles!
    Crowd: You get mostly cabin crew who l ...

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  • Heathrow T1 Domestic Departures

    Terminal One Domestic flight departures. , Heathrow Airport

    Toilet has two cubicles with a peep hole between the two. The cubicle on the right also has a hole that looks out across the urinals which are against the wall next to the cubicle giving perfect side ...

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  • Heathrow Central Bus Station

    Heathrow airport. , Heathrow Airport

    Crowd: Airport workers and travellers. All types and ages.

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