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  • Rhodes Park

    Cruising Areas

    Below the swimming pool in this park is cruisy throughout the day. Guys will hook up and move off into the bushes or take it elsewhere.
    Crowd: All

  • The Factory

    Bars Clubs

    Macho cruise bar, uniform, leather, fetish and definately for those who are not into the vanilla scene. The facility has dark rooms, a sling room and

  • Killarney Mall Shopping Centre

    Cruising Areas

    These washrooms are the ones on the upper level next to Mr Price store, opposite Sweets From Heaven, close to the Food Court, enter down a passage bet

  • Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

    Cruising Areas

    This is a very popular hangout. Cute guys can be found hanging around near the Rose Gardens or you can go around the Western Way past the fountains wh