Johannesburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wits University

    Senate House basement floor, Johannesburg

    Crowd: Students and other studs.

    rating of Wits University

    3156 Votes

  • Albertson Shopping Centre

    Albertson Street, Johannesburg

    his is a very busy toilet in the passage near the health club. Very busy, and very safe. After 5 it gets very active. Lots of married guys on their way home to their wives looking for a quicky. Yummy! ...

    rating of Albertson Shopping Centre

    2111 Votes

  • Olivedale

    Opposite Olivedale Clinic, Johannesburg

    Crowd: Mostly younger guys (promise!) and a few older guys.

    rating of Olivedale

    4051 Votes

  • Bedford Centre

    Bradford Road, Johannesburg

    he toilets in the arcade on the upper level are a very popular spot for ers. There is a nice big and lots of guys wandering around at all times of the day looking to some .
    Crowd: -hungry busines ...

    rating of Bedford Centre

    3462 Votes

  • Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

    , Johannesburg

    his is a very popular hangout. Cute guys can be found hanging around near the Rose Gardens or you can go around the Western Way past the fountains where the rowers start to find some more private acti ...

    rating of Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

    4277 Votes

  • Boskruin Shopping Centre

    , Johannesburg

    Public toilet in shopping arcade. Noisy door gives you plenty of warning. Never had security problems.
    Crowd: All ages/types

    rating of Boskruin Shopping Centre

    2310 Votes

  • Rhodes Park

    , Johannesburg

    Below the swimming pool in this park is cruisy throughout the day. Guys will hook up and move off into the bushes or take it elsewhere.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Rhodes Park

    2093 Votes

  • Cresta Shopping Centre

    , Johannesburg

    These out of the way restrooms see alot of action in their stalls. Guys will often hook up elsewhere and here for action.
    Crowd: All ages, lots of younger.

    rating of Cresta Shopping Centre

    3714 Votes

  • Phoenix Park

    , Johannesburg

    This city park is very active at luinchtime and in the late afternoon. Not recommended afterdark though some activity continues.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Phoenix Park

    1713 Votes

  • Vereeniging Gauteng Dickenson Park

    , Johannesburg

    Guys cruise this park on foot and in their cars. Afters hooking-up, there are lots secluded areas for action. Not recommended afterdark.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Vereeniging Gauteng Dickenson Park

    2645 Votes

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