Kitchener Gay Cruising Areas

  • The Bay Store basement washroom - Fairview Mall

    Fairway Road, Kitchener

    The Bay Store is at end of the mall, washroom is in the basement. Take escalate down, turn right, walk toward the wall, last isle turn left, washroom straight ahead.

    rating of The Bay Store basement washroom - Fairview Mall

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  • Homer Watson Park

    , Kitchener

    uiet park area out of the way. Some straight people use the area as a nature trail. Be discreet when getting down. The more you display to the straight world will only create more awareness by the pol ...

    rating of Homer Watson Park

    4308 Votes

  • U of W

    University of Waterloo, Kitchener

    rating of U of W

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  • Conestoga College -E Wing

    , Kitchener

    The bathrooms at Conestoga College are big, spacious and great for a little man on man action.

    rating of Conestoga College -E Wing

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  • Budd Park

    Homer Watson10 mins from 401, Kitchener

    Crowd: anyone and everyone***br***looking for play

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  • Victoria Park

    , Kitchener

    he whole area is well-bushed, so it is not hard to find a spot to have a little fun. Just you never know, someone else walking through looking for some fun also may stop to watch.
    Crowd: A really w ...

    rating of Victoria Park

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  • Conestoga College Doon Campus

    299 Doon Valley Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Kitchener

    asically any of the bathrooms here'll work, but it's probably best to visit the message boards and post which one you'll be at since there are so many of them here.
    Crowd: Um students I guess. Pret ...

    rating of Conestoga College, Doon Campus

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  • Cruiseline

    , Kitchener

    all and meet with other guys right away. Great for meeting men who are into the same stuff as you. Totally uncensored. Can be wild and raunchy. Also great for phone .
    Totally anonymous too...
    C ...

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  • Homer Watson 401 Exit 275 Car Park

    , Kitchener

    It is a car park that empties out after 6pm.
    Crowd: General public and some cruisers.

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  • KIN Building-hill behind parking lot

    Riverside Park, Kitchener

    secluded areas at the top of hill, great for strolling, sun tanning, fun in the trees

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