Kitchener Gay Gyms

  • Popeyes Gym

    777 Weber St E , Kitchener

    Sit in the sauna, when a guy walks in tap your foot a little, if the other guy is into it, then have fun, your already practically naked !

    rating of Popeyes Gym
  • Good Life Fitness Fairway Road S Kitchener

    589 Fairway S. , Kitchener

    can get daily pass, GoodLife Fitness Club.

    rating of Good Life Fitness, Fairway Road S. Kitchener
  • YMCA Kitchener

    Courtland , Kitchener

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of YMCA Kitchener
  • Family Fitness Centre

    264 Victoria Street North , Kitchener

    Crowd: There is a wide range of guys, but lots of younger muscle dudes too.

    rating of Family Fitness Centre
  • GoodLife Fitness Kitchener Market Square

    25 Frederick Street, , Kitchener

    This is a gym, and is often not very busy after 7 PM, and some gay people know this, and it is great for looking to hook up. You can see people naked and check them out.
    Crowd: Guys in there 20s an ...

    rating of GoodLife Fitness, Kitchener, Market Square