Los Angeles Gay Cruising Areas

  • Elysian Park

    , Los Angeles

    Watch for parked cars on winding roads, guys will not be far away in bushes. If using park at night, park outside and walk in as gates are locked before 9pm.
    Crowd: Many Hispanic men and others.

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  • Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Food Court

    3650 M L King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles

    Toilet entrance has no outer door but a long hallway, so listen for approaching footsteps. Security camera in hall area, so be cool until inside restroom.
    Crowd: Mostly black and some latinos.

    rating of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Food Court

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  • University of California Los Angeles Royce Hall Basement

    Westwood & Sunset Blvds. - UCLA, Los Angeles

    half dozen stalls are almost always busy in this well-known cruising spot on the UCLA campus. s existed until June 1, 2000, when custodians covered them over with metal cladding. It's probably only a ...

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  • Los Angeles Airport Terminal 2

    Terminal 2 downstairs, near Starbucks, Los Angeles

    ice, big cubicles that hide two people well; some nights are busier than others, the terminal is pretty much closed at that time, so usually nobody else around.
    Crowd: Travelers stuck in the airpor ...

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  • Los Angeles Metro

    , Los Angeles

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the Metro. It is becoming a huge trend to ride the last car, known as th ...

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  • Griffith Park

    , Los Angeles

    f you go up into the hills people will follow you if you give a stare and they like you. Plenty of secluded areas for -- it's a huge area, so plenty of room for everyone. It's real easy to give or ge ...

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  • California State University John F Kennedy Memorial Library

    5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles

    This is a college campus though people of all ages are there. Many adults take night programs. The action is not heavy, just fairly consistent.
    Crowd: Mostly students.

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  • University of Southern California Los Angeles Harris Hall

    Exposition Blvd/Vermont, Los Angeles

    arris Hall, south side, 1st floor, lockable door. 2 /2 room. Can get into major & with locked door. Olin Hall, 4th floor. Great layout with s on opposite side of bathroom. Double doors & long entry ...

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  • Echo Park

    Echo Park Los Angeles, Los Angeles

    ou basically walk around and check out any guys around you. If they show interest, they will most likely do something there. Sometimes bareback and in plain sight! It has some bushes and a small build ...

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  • University of Southern California Los Angelas Olin Hall

    3650 S. McClintock Ave, Los Angeles

    lin Hall: 4th floor. Stalls in back of restroom, lots of warning for approaching because of squeaky double doors. Harris Hall: 1st floor, south entrance. Lockable room, two stalls, two urinals. Where ...

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