Los Angeles Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Midtowne Spa

    615 South Kohler St, Los Angeles

    icture update 10/21/2008: Lockers on 2nd Floor, Indoor swimming pool area & Front entrance.

    It's a great place with a lot of history. Things can be slow at times, but the after club crowd live ...

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  • Slammer

    3688 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

    ic 1 update 7/8/08: Outdoor Patio Area, Slammer

    Hottest, newest, LEGAL club to hit LA! Also, Secured parking with security patrol. Usually a good mix of guys but, like any other place, the ene ...

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    18137 Votes

  • Melrose Spa

    Melrose Avenue 7269, Los Angeles

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  • Flex

    Melrose Avenue 4424, Los Angeles

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  • Los Angeles Airport Marriott Sauna

    5855 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles

    ot guys, hooked up every time I went there that week. It seems like the mens only suana is there simply to enjoy a little men on men action. It's very private and way back in the restroom. Towels are ...

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  • Hollywood Spa-North Hollywood

    Vineland Avenue 5636, Los Angeles

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    7711 Votes

  • Roman Holiday Health Club

    Victory Boulevard 14435, Los Angeles

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  • Beverly Hot Springs

    308 N Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles

    small legit spa with a lot of cruising going on. Some discreet activity in the steam room and dark resting area.
    Crowd: A fair number of young guys.
    Facilities: Sauna, steamroom, resting area.< ...

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  • Roman Holiday Health Club

    Venice Boulevard 12814, Los Angeles

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  • KLYT

    132 Fourth, Los Angeles

    n Los Angeles gay men have been meeting for in bathhouses for most of the Twentieth Century. One of the city's earliest bathhouses opened prior to 1922. Located on 4th Street in downtown, the "Pala ...

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    6053 Votes