Madrid Gay Cruising Areas

  • Barajas International Airport

    Barajas - Madrid, Madrid

    There are a lot of restrooms along the airport; after you make eye contact you must look for an empty one...and have fun!
    Crowd: Variety

    rating of Barajas International Airport

    3723 Votes

  • Chamartin

    , Madrid

    washrooms on the main concourse level. The one opposite platforms 12 / 13, behind the Burger king is really good. Its a typical underground cottage. Cruisers view from inside the concourse or from o ...

    rating of Chamartin

    2730 Votes

  • Templo del Debod

    , Madrid

    It has some bushes, but also in the parking lots you can contact some guys.
    Crowd: You will see cars and some people walking around.

    rating of Templo del Debod

    1915 Votes

  • Atenas Park

    , Madrid

    It's not as dim as I would like, but in the bushes you will find a nice place to stay.
    Crowd: All kind of guys, mostly young wanting to party stop there to take a little rest...

    rating of Atenas Park

    1204 Votes

  • Fnac

    Plaza Callao, Madrid

    hree urinals in front of a mirror, and s a lot of young nice guys, mostly locals the doors of the are not full lenght, so for more privacy go to el corte ingles at callao or down at puerta del sol (a ...

    rating of Fnac

    2273 Votes

  • El Corte Ingles Paseo La Castellana

    Paseo La Castellana, Madrid

    Some floors are frequently visited, if you find someone interesting there, go to other floor, looking for a more quiet W.C.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of El Corte Ingles Paseo La Castellana

    2207 Votes

  • Bus Station Upper Level Inter-City Buses

    Avenida de America, Madrid

    4 urinals and 2 cubicles. Very busy at times, little chance of hard action apart from "flashing" and picking up for elsewhere.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd - less obvious "rent boys".

    rating of Bus Station (Upper Level) Inter-City Buses

    1392 Votes

  • Plaza de Toros Ventas

    Underground "Ventas" Bull fight Square, Madrid

    Crowd: Mainly local guys with cars looking to either have a quickie right there or pick up to take home.

    rating of Plaza de Toros (Ventas)

    1975 Votes

  • Casa De Campo Park

    , Madrid

    This place is filled with people wanting to have , from prostitutes along the road to guys up at the top doing what they want. Find the parked cars with men standing around!
    Crowd: Who doesn't?

    rating of Casa De Campo Park

    3272 Votes

  • Atocha Station - Express Train Arrivals Section

    Estacion de Atocjha, Madrid

    4 urinals and a couple of cubicles. Plenty of display at urinals, but a pick-up place only. Too risky for on the premises.

    rating of Atocha Station - Express Train Arrivals Section

    1816 Votes