Madrid Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Sauna Comendadoras

    Plaza (square) de las Comendadoras 9, Madrid

    Facilities: Sauna, lockers, bar and gym.No

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  • Sauna Paraiso

    Calle del Norte 15 (just off Calle San Bernardo), Madrid

    n early to mid-afternoon it's social hour at the bar, but as dinner hour draws near, the studs head to the dark room for intense, passionate coupling -- gotta get a payback for the hours spent buildin ...

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    5681 Votes

  • Thermas Formerly Nuevas Thermas Moratalaz

    Jose del Prado y Palacio 5 Stno, Madrid

    ld sauna at Lagazpi moved here a few years back. Well appointed sauna with darkroom and bar. Primarily older men (usually bulky!) with a few younger ones who like them. Very friendly. Well worth a vis ...

    rating of Thermas (Formerly Nuevas Thermas Moratalaz)

    3042 Votes

  • Adn

    Calle San Bernardo 38, Madrid

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    728 Votes

  • Plaza Sauna

    Gran Via 88, Edif. Espana�, Madrid

    Older style sauna which attracts an older clientele. Afternoons are often very busy.
    Crowd: Mostly older men.

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    2379 Votes

  • Alameda

    Calle Alameda 20, Madrid

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    1262 Votes

  • Center

    Cuesta de Santo Domingo 1, Madrid

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    3533 Votes

  • Prncipe

    Calle Travesía de las Beatas 3, Madrid

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  • Adan

    C/. San Bernardo, 38, Madrid

    A popular and well equipped sauna, centally located but not in the ghetto. It is popular with the afterwork crowd weekdays, and all weekend.
    Crowd: All ages, many business types.

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    2520 Votes

  • Cristal

    C/. Augusto Figueroa, 17, Madrid

    A small but popular sauna in the heart of gay Madrid.
    Crowd: All ages.
    No. A small gay sauna mixed ages, cabins.

    rating of Cristal

    1204 Votes