Melbourne Gay Cruising Areas

  • Edwards Park Lake

    , Melbourne

    Crowd: Young guys

    rating of Edwards Park Lake
  • Riverside Skate Park

    Alexander Gardens (Near skatepark) , Melbourne

    This beat works, and trust me, the skaters know what goes on there as they go there.
    Crowd: Young Guys 18 to 24, Skaters, Rowers.

    rating of Riverside Skate Park
  • Bennettswood Sporting Ground

    Burwood Hwy, next to Deakin , Melbourne

    It's a small red brick toilet with one cubicle and a .
    Crowd: Mostly deakin uni boys, u get the occasional old man though too.

    rating of Bennettswood Sporting Ground
  • RW Fell Reserve

    Grimshaw Street , Melbourne

    Small single toilet block with door that locks. It's the only one in the park.
    Crowd: Local Guys.

    rating of RW Fell Reserve
  • Yarraville Gardens

    Cnr Somerville and Whitehall Rds , Melbourne

    Crowd: Older, Married occasional younger guy.

    rating of Yarraville Gardens
  • Darling Park

    Basil St or Stanley Grose Dr. , Melbourne

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Darling Park
  • Berwick Showgrounds Akoona Park

    , Melbourne

    One and trough. Guys just come in and start wanking, you can open the door ajar to perve on them. A couple of peep holes to see whos outside at the trough and so they can see in. Fairly quiet.
    Cro ...

    rating of Berwick Showgrounds (Akoona Park)
  • Point Ormond Reserve

    , Melbourne

    Crowd: Diverse mix. Lots of young wait for guys in the bushes. I've never have to wait more than 5 minutes at night.

    rating of Point Ormond Reserve
  • Surrey Park

    , Melbourne

    Around the lake there are a lot of dark spots, bushes and trees etc.
    Crowd: I've found older guys (over 30) usually, but had a few young guys too.

    rating of Surrey Park.
  • Galatea Point

    , Melbourne

    On the right night, I have encountered full on orgies, but with the council closing the circuit road to cars (only bicycles)it has become a bit quieter. Still has busy periods btwn 5-6pm.
    Crowd: Al ...

    rating of Galatea Point