Montreal Gay Bars Clubs

  • Le Cajun

    1574 rue Sainte Catherins Est , Montreal

    Always looking to please its patrons, Le Cajun is a quiet alternative to some of Bourbon Complex’s rowdier establishments.

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  • Stud Bar

    1812 rue Sainte Catherine Est , Montreal

    If you're into leather and denim, older queens, bears and daddies, this is the place for you.

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  • Aria

    1280 rue Saint Denis , Montreal

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  • Bar Lady Loft

    990 rue Saint Antoine Quest , Montreal

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  • Campus

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1111 , Montreal

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  • Circus After Hours

    915 rue Sainte Catherine Est , Montreal

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  • Citibar

    1603 rue Ontario Est , Montreal

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  • Cleopatra Cafe

    1230 Boulevard Saint Laurent , Montreal

    The kind of place that gives a red light district charm and reputation, Cleo’s has been a Montreal institution since 1975. The Stars of Drag Some of the greatest drag shows in Montreal go down inside ...

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  • Club Bolo

    Rue Amherst 960 , Montreal

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  • Club Date

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1218 , Montreal

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