Montreal Gay Bars Clubs

  • Aria

    1280 rue Saint Denis , Montreal

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  • Bar Lady Loft

    990 rue Saint Antoine Quest , Montreal

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  • Campus

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1111 , Montreal

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  • Circus After Hours

    915 rue Sainte Catherine Est , Montreal

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  • Citibar

    1603 rue Ontario Est , Montreal

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  • Cleopatra Cafe

    1230 Boulevard Saint Laurent , Montreal

    The kind of place that gives a red light district charm and reputation, Cleo’s has been a Montreal institution since 1975. The Stars of Drag Some of the greatest drag shows in Montreal go down inside ...

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  • Club Bolo

    Rue Amherst 960 , Montreal

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  • Club Date

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1218 , Montreal

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  • GAYrouteca

    , Montreal

    " ~ The #1 local source for all info available to our GLBTD community worldwide ~ Since 1977, proudly gay owned & operated"©.

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  • LAigle Noir Black Eagle

    1315 rue Sainte Catherine Est , Montreal

    This fetish leather rock bar sports the same friendly atmosphere and clientele you'll find at other "Black Eagle" bars worldwide. Warehouse Style Decor L’Aigle Noir’s décor is basic utilitarian and da ...

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