Montreal Gay Bars Clubs

  • Le Saint Sulpice

    1680 rue Saint Denis , Montreal

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  • Sky Complex

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1474 , Montreal

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  • Le Parking Nightclub

    1296 rue Amherst , Montreal

    Le Parking Night Club, where the best artists of the scene montréalaise and of the world perform, for the young and connected customers. Le Garage, located in the basement of the Parking, presents exc ...

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  • Le Mystique

    1424 rue Stanley , Montreal

    Veteran Le Mystique is a 1970s institution and the longest-running gay bar in Montreal. When more and more gay bars moved east following the 1976 Olympics (reportedly because of increased police haras ...

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  • Le Meteor-Meteorite Resto-Bar

    1665 rue Sainte Catherine , Montreal

    Where Everybody Knows Your Name Frequently crammed with regular customers, this bar is definitely THE meeting ground for friends in this neighbourhood. Established in 1986, Meteor has, without a doubt ...

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  • Le Drugstore

    1366 RUE Sainte-Catherine E , Montreal

    Le Drugstore is an immense complex of bars, food counters and small boutiques. It is the ideal place for meeting people and is recognized as a small jewel from an architectural point of view. Located ...

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  • Le Cocktail

    1669 rue Ste Catherine Est , Montreal

    Rejuvenation In 2006, L’Idem bar became Le tail, a business in which much money was invested to rejuvenate it. Just the same, the bar continues to attract a loyal clientele in the Village, which comes ...

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  • Le Cajun

    1574 rue Sainte Catherins Est , Montreal

    Always looking to please its patrons, Le Cajun is a quiet alternative to some of Bourbon Complex’s rowdier establishments.

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  • Bar Relaxe

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1309 , Montreal

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  • LAigle Noir Black Eagle

    1315 rue Sainte Catherine Est , Montreal

    This fetish leather rock bar sports the same friendly atmosphere and clientele you'll find at other "Black Eagle" bars worldwide. Warehouse Style Decor L’Aigle Noir’s décor is basic utilitarian and da ...

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