New York Gay Bars Clubs

  • Evolve

    E 58th Street 221 , New York

    East Side

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  • DTOX

    Second Avenue 31 , New York

    East Village

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  • CLUB20

    W 20th Street 20 , New York

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  • Club 40c

    Avenue C 40 , New York

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  • Candle Bar

    Amsterdam Avenue 309 , New York

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  • Bum Bum Bar

    Roosevelt Avenue 63 14 , New York


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  • Belleville Lounge

    5th Street 332 , New York


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  • Bar Centrale

    West 46th Street 324 , New York

    's Kitchen

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  • Albatross

    24th Avenue 36 19 , New York


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  • View Bar

    232 Eighth Avenue , New York

    Ever walk inside a bar only to leave after realizing how empty it is? Conveniently, View Bar’s oversized windows allow you to see how vacant this bar usually is without ever stepping foot in inside. T ...

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