Pasadena Gay Cruising Areas

  • Hahamonga Watershed Park-Oak Grove Park

    , Pasadena

    ots of , lots of action. 12/08/04 A cruiser reports: There seem to be men cruising at this place as the last time I was there, those men were sitting and waiting in their car. I didn't find any restro ...

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  • Northwest College

    Southeast corner of Oakland and Union., Pasadena

    Two men's room in a shared building where all the occupants leave by 4PM and lots of guys from the gym and students go to.
    Crowd: 24 hour gym rats, students and some professionals.

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  • Paseo Colorado

    At Colorado and Euclid, Pasadena

    his is the washroom on the ground floor before you go up the stairs to the theatre. It can be a hit or miss, but when busy with guys cruising, this isn't a bad location. However, excercise discretion ...

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  • Macys

    401 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena

    go there at lunch a couple of times a week and have got lucky 3-4 times - under-wall and open door j/o fun. 12/07/04 A cruiser reports: This can be a hit or miss. There have been guys frequenting thi ...

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  • Pasadena City College

    1570 E Colorado Blvd between Hill and Allen, Pasadena

    Crowd: College guys, mature men, all men.

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  • Michillinda Park

    , Pasadena

    Park restroom has been active for years and get busted occasionally.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Pasadena Hotel-Hilton Hotel

    150 South Los Robles, Pasadena

    o gloryholes but plenty of under and shared action. The s are not visible from restroom entrance. 12/08/04 A cruiser reports: This seems to have a nice set up at times. There were some cute men when ...

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  • Pasadena City Hall

    100 N Garfield Ave., Pasadena

    Street cruising around America's most beautiful city hall. Cars driven by men circle the block until late.

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  • Orchard Supply Hardware aka OSH

    3425 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107, Pasadena

    This place is a very clean hardwear store it hopping with lots of fellas.
    Crowd: contractors and construction workers.

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  • Central Park

    Raymond Avenue, Pasadena

    en's restroom is across sterrt from the Gold Line MetroRail station. Lot's of cruising action all day long. Nice looking guys are going there.
    Crowd: Students, construction workers, guys on way/hom ...

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