Peterborough Gay Cruising Areas

  • River Embankment

    Potters way Fengate , Peterborough

    cruiser Adds: General common toilet block on the riverside, quite unassuming. Also incorporates a pump out station for boats but don't interfere with whats going on in toilets. Long metal type with o ...

    rating of River Embankment
  • Wansford Picnic Area

    A 1 / A 47 , Peterborough

    No , toilet has been revamped and a very nice job was done.
    Crowd: All types: truckers, reps, m/f couples...I called in there mid afternoon and there were 2 seperate couples showing.

    rating of Wansford Picnic Area
  • Graysmoor Drove

    , Peterborough

    Cruisey country lane.Very straight road with lots of rest places on one side and a wooded area for a bit more privacy.Because the lane is open on one side and very straight you can see people approach ...

    rating of Graysmoor Drove
  • Eastfield Cemetery

    Junction of Newark Ave and Eastfield Rd , Peterborough

    2 cubicles, 3 stalls

    rating of Eastfield Cemetery
  • Cathedral Square

    , Peterborough

    It is very busy! It's fun, as well.
    Crowd: All sorts, you can see lots of young guys, skaters, as well as older men.

    rating of Cathedral Square
  • Orton Mere

    , Peterborough

    Car park surrounded by bushes. It is possible to have in the toilets, but better to go under the main road bridge along the cycle path. Good wooded areas. Some really nice guys to be had!
    Crowd: W ...

    rating of Orton Mere
  • Tesco Extra

    Hampton Hargate , Peterborough

    New cottage in Tesco Extra Shopping Centre. Go to Gents' toilets in the centre, walk in to the very last cubical -- this overlooks the whole row of urinals. You will find a nice spy-hole in the door t ...

    rating of Tesco Extra
  • Southey Wood

    , Peterborough

    cruiser update 3/17/2008: they have recently blocked off the car parks so that there is no way in. this leaves a small parking area at the gates to this wood for cars to park. was there recently and t ...

    rating of Southey Wood
  • Lincoln Road

    Near to the Triangle, on grass playing field , Peterborough

    Normal sort of toilet but a hole in cubicle wall so you can sit n watch the at the
    Crowd: All sorts

    rating of Lincoln Road
  • Barnwell Country Park

    Barnwell Road , Peterborough

    So far a bit hit and miss but this is the IDEAL place. Away from all housing, deserted in the evenings and plenty of places to go for !
    Crowd: All types. A lot of manual workers from boat yard oppo ...

    rating of Barnwell Country Park
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