Peterborough Gay Cruising Areas

  • Central Park Peterborough

    Central Park Peterborough , Peterborough

    Park with plenty of secluded areas to hook up with guys. Best after dusk, and plenty of parking available around the park. Best area is the circle near the sunken rose garden or the benches near the t ...

    rating of Central Park Peterborough
  • Lattersey Nature reserve

    New road , Peterborough

    28 Acre nature reserve with two lakes surrounded by woods.

    rating of Lattersey Nature reserve
  • Graysmoor Drove

    , Peterborough

    Cruisey country lane.Very straight road with lots of rest places on one side and a wooded area for a bit more privacy.Because the lane is open on one side and very straight you can see people approach ...

    rating of Graysmoor Drove
  • Park Farm River

    , Peterborough

    Near the river there is a long foot path behind park farm. I have had some great times there recently. Very new area.
    Crowd: All types/ twinks/ studs/ older/ doggers etc.

    rating of Park Farm River
  • Extra Truck Stop

    , Peterborough

    Crowd: All Types and Business men and truckers.

    rating of Extra Truck Stop
  • Eye Green Nature Reserve

    Crowland road Towards Crowland , Peterborough

    Crowd: Odd Cruisers at mo but getting better.

    rating of Eye Green Nature Reserve
  • Ferry Meadows

    , Peterborough

    Crowd: All Types.

    rating of Ferry Meadows
  • Barnwell Country Park

    Barnwell Road , Peterborough

    So far a bit hit and miss but this is the IDEAL place. Away from all housing, deserted in the evenings and plenty of places to go for !
    Crowd: All types. A lot of manual workers from boat yard oppo ...

    rating of Barnwell Country Park
  • Eastfield Cemetery

    Junction of Newark Ave and Eastfield Rd , Peterborough

    2 cubicles, 3 stalls

    rating of Eastfield Cemetery
  • Lincoln Road

    Near to the Triangle, on grass playing field , Peterborough

    Normal sort of toilet but a hole in cubicle wall so you can sit n watch the at the
    Crowd: All sorts

    rating of Lincoln Road
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