Peterborough Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Wisbech bus station toilets

    Horsefair carpark , Peterborough

    Run down toilets
    Crowd: all kinds, younger ones there in afternoon

    rating of Wisbech bus station toilets
  • Queensgate Shopping Centre Toilets

    Underneath the centre car parks on level 1. , Peterborough

    You can have some great times under tha partitions.
    Crowd: youths, office and shop workers etc.

    rating of Queensgate Shopping Centre Toilets.
  • Village Toilets

    Main Road , Peterborough

    Not a busy place, but usually someone in within 10 mins. Fair bit of mature , but I like that anyway, maybe I'm biased! Worth a visit if you are in the area.
    Crowd: Young to oldies.

    rating of Village Toilets
  • Alma Road toilets

    off Lincoln road. , Peterborough

    two cubicules, hole used to be in between. normally stand at urinals and see who comes along.
    Crowd: any ages.

    rating of Alma Road toilets
  • Town Market Toilets

    Northminster Peterborough , Peterborough

    Toilets near the market. They have just been done up. Pleanty of fun to be had here at the urinals and stalls.
    Crowd: All sorts of guys go. From old to younger.

    rating of Town Market Toilets