Leather Central

1226 Herron Ave


Is This Your Business?

cruiser update 4/14/2009:The ownership has changed hands, and the vast majority of lesbians have since absconded to other locations, so the upstairs entrance is the only way in again. The rear entrance on the patio (near what was described in the 11/22/04 update as a storage area) is no longer open...and the patio itself has long since been clear of random debris. This means it's back up to four places to get your rocks off: the back patio, the back stairs, the sling room, and behind the barrels. The sling itself has been taken out of the sling room, giving people more room to play.

Friday nights are generally less crowded, but the guys are ready to play -- only the indoor bar is open. Saturday nights have been absolute madhouses over the past few months...but if you don't like crowds of people watching you have , you won't be comfortable -- again, the indoor bar is open, and on event nights (usually twice a month) the patio bar is also open. Sunday evenings are also a great time to go, but it's mostly a regulars crowd...so if you're fresh meat, you get lots of attenion -- with only the indoor bar open.

The signs posted on the way into the main bar and on the way down to the basement (Leather Central proper) all indicate you're in a private club. Permission to have granted? Nope. But will the staff and 99% of the patrons turn a blind eye? As long as you're not pissing off the few remaining lesbians with blatant displays of male genitalia...pretty much anything goes.

cruiser adds: This is the ONLY bar in pittsburgh where the bar provides a place to have . Lots of , some anal too.--
hot backroom on weekends.
Crowd: all types of men: hunks, bears, leather, fetishist

  • Crowd:all types of men: hunks, bears, leather, fetishist
  • Hours:Fri, Sat, Sun evenings real active and cruisy after midnight
    Best times: after midnight
    Dates open: Fri, Sat, Sun evenings real active and cruisy after midnight
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Find a man you like and go down on him
    Cruisiest Spots: the "patio" is now the main entrance and is open with a bar and some picnic table style tables if you go down the steps you walk past the mens room and across from there is a small room with a sling further down the hallway it opens up again to the barrel section where some hot action goes on. Outside of there is the old "main bar" which still technically is the main bar but its in the back which used to be the front. People tend to commune there and upstairs and get their freak on behind the barrels or in the sling room. This bar is not as dead as people have previously noted and women that venture down are kindly asked to return upstairs that it is a men only bar
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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