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  • McKnight News

    7600 McKnight Rd , Pittsburgh

    Crowd: All ages, married guys @ lunch time & Sat.earlyFacilities: Booth offset, can't see in while passing. Must stop and look. Guys hang out on wall, make eye contac

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  • Moon Adult Bookstore

    9003 University Blvd , Pittsburgh

    Crowd: All types.

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  • Adult Video

    Boulevard of the Allies , Pittsburgh

    It's your basic movie place, put quarters in, lots of movies to choose from, usually for hot gay flicks. Every time I've been there I've shot a load and made someone else shoot too; all guys in there ...

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  • Visual Adventures

    807b Liberty Avenue , Pittsburgh

    Not a bad spot for a little action. Mostly the straight married types. I've had some fun.
    Crowd: Businessmen

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    RT. 19 , Pittsburgh

    This is a duplicate listing. To avoid confusion, please post your comments on the listing titled "McKnight News". www.cruise.org/Cruising/1463

    A clean store, with a good amount of booths an ...

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  • Smithfield News

    115 Smithfield Street , Pittsburgh

    This place is major hot! Lots of guys at all times of the day. The arcade has always got something going on. The staff are friendly, and don't care. Hot wet times await.
    Crowd: Depends on the time ...

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  • Boulevard Video Magazine Shop

    346 Blvd. of the Allies, 2nd floor , Pittsburgh

    An old popular cruising spot in the downtown. I've been there lots of time and had lots of fun. Weekends are the most popular, but afternoons and early evenings during the week are also a good time fo ...

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