Pittsburgh Gay Cruising Areas

  • Parkway Center Mall

    1165 McKinley Lane, Pittsburgh

    I've been here a few times and always had a great time. Lots of under the action. some great !
    Crowd: Straights, and business types.

    rating of Parkway Center Mall

    2397 Votes

  • South Oakland

    , Pittsburgh

    Crowd: College boys.

    rating of South Oakland

    2162 Votes

  • Omni William Penn Hotel

    530 William Penn Way, Pittsburgh

    his place is amazing! There is lots of space and advanced warning. Lots of big s for play. And the place is major cruisy. There are mirror so you can sit in a and see who's at the sinks or urinals. W ...

    rating of Omni William Penn Hotel

    4727 Votes

  • Settlers Cabin County Park

    , Pittsburgh

    Crowd: All types of men. Watch for trolling. wide range in ages I have seen guys anywhere from barely legal to death bed. Some straight couples there too.

    rating of Settlers Cabin County Park

    3965 Votes

  • University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning

    Cathedral of Learning, 2nd & 8th floors, Pittsburgh

    he action is in the area where the stalls are -- they have no doors, so you can be selective. It's best to go across the aisle from the man of your desires. When a couple of guys with experience are i ...

    rating of University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning

    3590 Votes

  • Wal-Mart by Robinson Town Center

    The Point At North Fayette, Pittsburgh

    Crowd: Varies, I have seen and had young and old.

    rating of Wal-Mart by Robinson Town Center

    4188 Votes

  • Northside Park

    , Pittsburgh

    Crowd: Hot guys between 18-40.

    rating of Northside Park

    1688 Votes

  • Schenley Park

    , Pittsburgh

    he paths in the woods near the turnaround are quite active, and well walked. Lots of hot boys wandering around looking for action. Busy day and night, and in the summer it's packed!
    Crowd: Business ...

    rating of Schenley Park

    6152 Votes

  • Ross Park Mall JC Penney

    1000 Ross Park Mall Drive, Pittsburgh

    wo stalls. Lots of . I got rimmed by a young guy just last weekend. and watched two guys at the urinals.
    Crowd: Mostly young, hung guys looking for head. Have had many straight guys shoot their lo ...

    rating of Ross Park Mall J.C. Penney

    4011 Votes

  • Bloomfield-Friendship

    , Pittsburgh

    p & cumming neighborhood next to Italian business district and near West Penn Hospital. Hot joggers, bikers with big ones in sweats/shorts parade around on occasion, cute young Italian guys,
    Crowd: ...

    rating of Bloomfield-Friendship

    1508 Votes