Portland Gay Cruising Areas

  • Kelly Point

    , Portland

    Take the trail from the left of the parking lot. The bushes around the meadow and down by the beach is where most of the action is.

    rating of Kelly Point

    2789 Votes

  • Rooster Rock State Park

    , Portland

    It costs $3 to enter state park.

    rating of Rooster Rock State Park

    4030 Votes

  • Watzek Library Bsmt Bathroom

    Lewis & Clark College, Palatine Hill Rd, Portland

    asically this is under the action -- no (yet!). The bathroom is actually two rooms -- a first room with sinks and a second room with urinals and s. You can hear someone coming when they come into th ...

    rating of Watzek Library Bsmt Bathroom

    1827 Votes

  • Meier Frank

    1100 Lloyd Center, Lloyd Center Shopping Mall, Portland

    Bathroom is at back of the building; Entrance into the bathroom is off-side so there is usually time to hear/see anyone coming.
    Crowd: Seems like guys in their 30's plus; pretty clean cut

    rating of Meier & Frank

    1473 Votes

  • Washington Park Trails

    , Portland

    Crowd: Bar crowds, closet college dudes, twinks and trolls.

    rating of Washington Park Trails

    2612 Votes

  • Washington Square JC Penney Downstairs

    9585 SW Washington Square Road, Portland

    Crowd: all types

    rating of Washington Square JC Penney Downstairs

    1974 Votes

  • Jantzen Beach Center

    N. Jantzen Ave at N. Center Ave, Portland

    Clean and quiet.
    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Jantzen Beach Center

    2713 Votes

  • Bike Path to Delta Park

    , Portland

    Crowd: Hot, hot guys riding through -- and definitely looking!

    rating of Bike Path to Delta Park

    1343 Votes

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square

    Yamhill & Broadway, Portland

    Off the beaten track. Young looking for afternoon relief.
    Crowd: Young business and office workers.

    rating of Pioneer Courthouse Square

    1612 Votes

  • Powell Butte Nature Park

    , Portland

    Area is for walking, biking, horseback riding, lots of secluded trails and areas to pull off and play
    Crowd: Bi, gay, straight's

    rating of Powell Butte Nature Park

    1439 Votes