Prince George Gay Cruising Areas

  • Carrier Lumber

    across from Carrier lumber on Willocale Rd. , Prince George

    Dirt road across from Carrier Lumber. Nice secluded area for parking away from traffic. Lots of bushes to hide in.

    rating of Carrier Lumber
  • Wilson Park

    n. Ospika Blvd , Prince George

    This is a very interesting dog walking park. Not a lot of easy exits but many trails and not in the flood plain as some are.

    rating of Wilson Park
  • Chilako Mud River

    , Prince George

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Chilako (Mud) River
  • Willow train bridge

    , Prince George

    Crowd: A few guys, there are a couple guys from Willow who frequent and are friendly.

    rating of Willow train bridge
  • Old CN Bridge

    , Prince George

    Crowd: I have found older guys, and working men in flannel their mostly.

    rating of Old CN Bridge
  • Old Motocross Track Parking Lot

    , Prince George

    There is a big area with trees, which provides the best area.
    Crowd: There are usually a couple of guys there of all kinds.

    rating of Old Motocross Track Parking Lot
  • Moores Meadow

    , Prince George

    Park, wooded area within the city, this meadow is great to wander around in, to explore and to go for quick walks or romantic interludes.
    Crowd: Married, single , curious guys frequent the parking ...

    rating of Moore's Meadow
  • LC Gunn Park

    , Prince George

    Crowd: All types including hikers and bikers.

    rating of L.C. Gunn Park
  • Husky Truck Stop

    , Prince George

    Large parking area for big rigs and always lots of trucks + truckers around.
    Crowd: Lots of hot truckers and the occasional tourist.

    rating of Husky Truck Stop
  • Rainbow Park

    rainbow between 5th and ospika and 15th.... , Prince George

    Crowd: Young to older.

    rating of Rainbow Park
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