Raleigh Gay Cruising Areas

  • Crabtree Valley Mall

    Glenwood Ave, Raleigh

    Under-the- and anal , weekdays, after work. Clean restroom.
    Crowd: Straight and bi-ual men for anonymous fun

    rating of Crabtree Valley Mall

    4610 Votes

  • Harrelson Hall

    NCSU Campus, Raleigh

    Crowd: College guys and older white and blue collar guys.

    rating of Harrelson Hall

    4165 Votes

  • North Carolina State University Witherspoon Student Center

    2810 Cates Avenue @ Dan Allen Drive, Raleigh

    Crowd: Students, Contruction Workers, White Collar Workers

    rating of North Carolina State University  Witherspoon Student Center

    2981 Votes

  • Morrisville Community Park

    1520 Morrisville Pkwy, Raleigh

    inside lights on timer with motion sensor...door to mens room has lock..also have plenty of time to get off of knees.
    Crowd: very slow for now

    rating of Morrisville Community Park

    1869 Votes

  • Jordan Lake

    , Raleigh

    ou will be doing a lot of walking. There are tons of trails, open areas, swimming (skinny dipping). It is very wooded.
    Crowd: All types, including straight people going to the left. Gay area to the ...

    rating of Jordan Lake

    6342 Votes

  • William B Umstead State Park

    8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh

    n the park's first parking, guys will
    sit at the picnic tables or check out the trails in the woods. In the parking lot nearest the I-40 entrance, guys car cruise, flashing their lights to indicat ...

    rating of William B. Umstead State Park

    3856 Votes

  • Lake Crabtree Park

    , Raleigh

    The park has several parking areas, the
    cruisiest is at the end of the entrance
    road near the park restrooms. Most of
    the action occurs in the restrooms during lunch.

    rating of Lake Crabtree Park

    2514 Votes

  • Super KMart

    401 South in Garner, Raleigh

    Clean/not very private. Can hear entrance door open.
    Crowd: Straight/bi/gay. All ages/all ethnic groups.

    rating of Super KMart

    2140 Votes

  • North Carolina Flea Market

    Hillsborough Street & Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh

    here are two cruisy restrooms at the
    flea markets. The main one has a glory
    hole and see the most action but also the most traffic. Guys will sometimes hook up and go to the second toilet by t ...

    rating of North Carolina Flea Market

    2759 Votes

  • Home Depot Raleigh

    Capital Blvd. and Spring Forest, Raleigh

    This cruisy restroom is popular with
    blue collar guys looking for a little
    Crowd: Construction workers.

    rating of Home Depot Raleigh

    2238 Votes

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