San Antonio Gay Cruising Areas

  • Northwest Vista Community College - Juniper Hall

    3535 N Ellison Dr , San Antonio

    This specific area is on the first floor of Juniper Hall at Northwest Vista Community College. Specifically, the last two stalls. The smaller stall has a peep hole which allows you to see in to the la ...

    rating of Northwest Vista Community College - Juniper Hall
  • Hwy 173 Rest Area

    6110 TX-173, Hondo, TX 78861 , San Antonio

    Isolated picnic area - secluded on hill-top. Locals go for quickies.

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  • Toyota Plant Area

    1 Lone Star Pass , San Antonio

    Dark roads for cruising action.

    rating of Toyota Plant Area
  • Home Depot - Sunset Road West

    435 Sunset Road West , San Antonio

    The lights can be left off or turned on. Not completely black, but dim. Pretty deep stalls offer some privacy. There is enough room to slide your dick under the stall and get it sucked off. The stall ...

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  • Home Depot SE Military

    3111 SE Military Dr , San Antonio

    Peephole in second and handicap stall.

    rating of Home Depot SE Military
  • I-37 Pleasanton Picnic Area

    Interstate 37 , San Antonio

    This is trucker heaven with no lights at night the place is pitch dark and sits against wooded ranch land in back. Truckers stop here to sleep and piss late nights to morning.

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  • Lowes Callaghan

    7901 Callaghan Road, SA, TX , San Antonio

    Peep Holes

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  • Las Palmas Library

    , San Antonio

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  • Macys North Star Mall

    7400 San Pedro , San Antonio

    The restroom on the second floor is perfect for meeting. It is isolated and easy to hear others coming. You have to walk down a long winding narrow hallway. There is little traffic in the restroom. Fo ...

    rating of Macy's @ North Star Mall
  • Tom Slick Park

    7400 Hwy 151 , San Antonio

    Great old quarry pond, walking trails circle it. Lots of small paths into the woods off the main path. Big park, easier to go to back entrance.

    rating of Tom Slick Park