San Antonio Gay Cruising Areas

  • McAlister Park

    , San Antonio

    ice park with many secluded parking areas, good jogging and biking trails. Ball fields are not active cruising area due to family activities. I have seen mostly or jacking off or guys leaving togethe ...

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  • Brackenridge Park

    , San Antonio

    his is where a lot of male prostitutes hang out, most are mid 30's, some are better looking than others. Prices are cheap, though, and if you don't find what you are looking for, ask one of the guys. ...

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    1966 Votes

  • Espada Park

    , San Antonio

    have been going there since I was a young teenager. I have been very happy there. I now am in my 12th year there. I don't go everynight though --maybe 1-3 times a month, so that I am not a regular. M ...

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  • I-37 Pleasanton Picnic Area

    , San Antonio

    his is Trucker Heaven -- with no lights at night the place is pitch dark and sits against wooded ranchland in back. Truckers stop here to sleep and late nights to morning. The darkness hides them fro ...

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  • Trinity University Coates LibraryMain

    715 Stadium Drive, San Antonio

    rinity is the Ivy-League school of the south, so nothing but spoiled little gorgeous, rich boys go there...ALL are very cute and very 'curious'. They do have a good percentage of gays there, but a lot ...

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  • I-10E Rest Area Outside SA

    , San Antonio

    Typical restroom: 2 urinals, 2 stalls, no doors.
    Crowd: Truckers, cowboys, passer-bys.

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  • Eisenhower Park

    , San Antonio

    t's a very pretty park.There is much crusing on the nature trail called Hillview. It's a rustic--sometimes rugged--but well travelled trail. If you're not man enough to walk it, then you're not man en ...

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  • A Bain Sports Complex Olmos Park Baseball Field

    Corner of McCullough and Basse Rd., San Antonio

    xtremely cruisy spot, especially at night. You WILL pick someone up there if you try. The bathroom is notorious for escapades. The walls are coverd w/ numbers of legitimate people who want to hook up ...

    rating of A. Bain Sports Complex (Olmos Park Baseball Field)

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  • Woodlawn Park

    San Antonio, San Antonio

    arge park with new walking path throughout park. nice secluded area down on casting pool. Family park during day, along with some day trippers, some gangbangers (avoid more than 2). If interested they ...

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  • Olmos Park

    120 W. El Prado , San Antonio

    Cruising at the park

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