San Antonio Gay Parks

  • Roosevelt Park

    331 Roosevelt Avenue , San Antonio

    Large Park with loads of horny guys and discrete spots.

    rating of Roosevelt Park
  • Eisenhower Park

    19399 NW Military Highway , San Antonio

    It's a very pretty park. There is much cruising on the nature trail called Hillview. It's a rustic--sometimes rugged--but well traveled trail. There are lots of great places for some good action in th ...

    rating of Eisenhower Park
  • James Park

    733 - 793 Holbrook Road , San Antonio

    A nice park that is good for car cruising.

    rating of James Park
  • Culebra Creek Park

    10919 Westwood Loop , San Antonio

    It is a very nice city park which can be cruisy. Most of the action is on the walking or jogging paths which go into the woods. You will see several places where there is some degree of privacy and ...

    rating of Culebra Creek Park
  • Concepcion Park

    400-492 East Theo Avenue , San Antonio

    21 acres of prime cruising area.

    rating of Concepcion Park
  • Woodlawn Park

    Cincinnati Avenue , San Antonio

    Large park with new walking path throughout park. nice secluded area down on casting pool. Family park during day, along with some day trippers, some gang bangers (avoid more than 2).

    rating of Woodlawn Park
  • McAlister Park

    Leaping Fawn , San Antonio

    Nice park with many secluded parking areas, good jogging and biking trails. Mostly oral or jacking off or guys leaving together.

    rating of McAlister Park
  • Olmos Basin Park

    199 Dick Friedrich Drive , San Antonio

    A beautiful park for cruising that brings out guys of all different types.

    rating of Olmos Basin Park
  • Bullis County Park

    Blanco Road , San Antonio

    Men cruise in their cars around this San Antonio park. The park's toilets are also active.

    rating of Bullis County Park