Sao Paulo Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Termas Le Rouge 80

    Rua Arruda Alvim 175, Sao Paulo

    arge older bath with mixed clientele. Plenty of action. Darkroom, cubicles. Bear Venue. Quite a few young people who like older men go to this bath.
    Crowd: Mixed ethnic crowd and mixed ages
    Faci ...

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  • Thermas For Friends

    Rua Morgado de Matheus 365, Sao Paulo

    ike "topsy she grows" the place has been added to over the years and has become a bit rambling. Mixed crowd, but mainly young executive type. Personally, I find it too snooty and much prefer other bat ...

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  • Termas Oasis

    Rua Dr. Candido Espinheira 758, Sao Paulo

    ituated in a villa style house which has been extended to the rear to give a large bath. Nice facilities and mixed ages (the boys in trunks are pseudo masseurs/rent boys so don't get too excited if on ...

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  • Thermas Lagoa

    r. Borges Lagoa, 287, Sao Paulo

    Rent boys available for 50 Reais. On display by the bar, while they shower in public areas.
    Facilities: Massage, jacuzzi, suites

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  • Amazonas

    Rua do Gasometro 641, Sao Paulo

    bit seedy, but reasonably clean. Plenty of action all over the place and cubicles availabe. One of the best baths in the world for the older man.
    Crowd: All types and ages from black to brown to w ...

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  • Holiday

    Rua Martins Fontes 295, Sao Paulo

    raditional cheap sauna used by the "men from downtown" especailly our coloured friends on a Saturday and Sunday. Darkrooms with mixed ages - worth a visit.
    Crowd: Weekdays late afternoos & Sunday a ...

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  • Xingu

    Rua Dr. Joao Batista de Lacerda, 227, Sao Paulo

    his is a modern very clean bath with barber, pedicure etc. Don't be put off by the lady receptionist. Lots of display under the showers and in the steam room. Friendly place.
    Crowd: This is a mixed ...

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  • Labirinttus Club 2

    Rua Frei Caneca 135, Sao Paulo

    rei Caneca is a gay area just off Paulista Avenue with many gays cruising the street and shopping centre, This is a very large bath, which if it is not full, you rattle around in like "peas in a pod"! ...

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  • Sauna 269

    Rua Bela Cintra 269, Sao Paulo

    000 sq meters of Sauna/Motel/Club. Even fetishism is catered for with a sling in the labyrinth and the staff uniforms!
    Crowd: Due to it's pricing policy, only the more affluent Paulistas and Touris ...

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  • Wild Thermas Club

    Rua Dr Veiga Filho, 802, Sao Paulo

    Crowd: Students, married men, professionalsFacilities: Sauna & Steam Rooms, Jacuzzi, Cabins, Labryntthe with glory-holes,No

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