St Petersburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • Beach Access from Rest Area Exit

    , St Petersburg

    eal cruisy, especially if you like to watch some guys go at it. Walk to the beach area, or look at the cars parked along the beach.
    Crowd: People hunting to get their , and watch people getting of ...

    rating of Beach Access from Rest Area Exit

    4583 Votes

  • Ft Desoto Beach

    , St Petersburg

    Great beach-water and sun!
    Crowd: All types. There are several hot guys with long hair. Especially the guy with a ponytail and blue cooler that hangs at the dead trees.

    rating of Ft Desoto Beach

    4486 Votes

  • NorthShore Park

    Northshore Dr at 15th Ave N., St Petersburg

    A cruisy park.
    Crowd: Gay men in the area

    rating of NorthShore Park

    2198 Votes

  • Cape Freedom

    , St Petersburg

    Usually takes one guy to get naked and the rest will follow. Not a huge crowd, but a warm one :-) It only takes one!
    Crowd: Mainly gay.

    rating of Cape Freedom

    2159 Votes

  • 4th St Mangroves-Beach

    , St Petersburg

    his place is a pretty nice place. There are several spots where you can go for privacy or group action. The island is one place, but anyone who is willing to walk in the water to get there, may go the ...

    rating of 4th St Mangroves-Beach

    3959 Votes

  • Tyrone Square Mall

    6901 Tyrone Square, St Petersburg

    Toilet dispenser is broke. Good hole to reach through.
    Crowd: All ages. Lot of young guys.

    rating of Tyrone Square Mall

    2823 Votes

  • Lake Seminole Park

    , St Petersburg

    County park on large lake with paved nature trails, picnic areas, smaller lakes, wooded areas and an open bathroom where men can each others .
    Crowd: ers and the guys who love them.

    rating of Lake Seminole Park

    2302 Votes

  • North 4th Street 275

    , St Petersburg

    Cruising in the mangroves.
    Crowd: Everyone.

    rating of North 4th Street @ 275

    2225 Votes

  • Kmart

    4501 66th St North, St Petersburg

    in the , just sit back and wait. You can see real good to the other side.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Kmart

    1596 Votes

  • Mirror lake

    , St Petersburg

    Just a Large Fountain Lake Downtown ST Pete, Area is in total Upgrade Downtown, Lot of Gay Men moving into the Neighborhood.
    Crowd: College Guys, Joggers, usually 30- 50 Year old Crowd

    rating of Mirror lake

    1768 Votes