Taipei Gay Cruising Areas

  • Taipei Railroad Station

    Chung-Hsiao West Road, Section 1 , Taipei

    There are 3 washroom locations off the first floor and several in the lower level. Great place to watch but limited options for action. Easy to troll somebody out if you have a place.
    Crowd: Just a ...

    rating of Taipei Railroad Station
  • 28 February Park-228 Gongyuan

    , Taipei

    The area in the middle is the best, though for more privacy the area in the back is darker. Like a lot of Chinese parks this is a square piece of land in the middle of downtown, so there are concrete ...

    rating of 28 February Park-228 Gongyuan
  • Fishermans Wharf in Tamshui

    Tamshui , Taipei

    Crowd: Anyone who want !!!!

    rating of Fisherman's Wharf in Tamshui
  • Sha Lun Beach

    Danshui MRT , Taipei

    An old beach that happens to have an amazing cruising grounds. Plenty of regulars.
    Crowd: All types of guys

    rating of Sha Lun Beach
  • Daan Forest Park

    , Taipei

    A huge park which also caters to many elderly men and women doing their excercises. Best is to go after dark.

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