Taipei Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Hans Mens Sauna

    2/F no.120 Hsi Ning South Rd, Taipei

    Older facility, but very friendly. Clean and small (we're talking about the establishment) :-)
    Crowd: A lot of younger and muscular types.

    rating of Hans Men's Sauna

    2966 Votes

  • International Hotel Sauna

    7 Hu-shan Rd Sec 1, Yang-ming-shan, Taipei

    Small place but can very busy in the afternoons.


    rating of International Hotel Sauna

    1964 Votes

  • Office Club

    265 Chang An West Rd., Taipei

    Seven floor facility with steam room, restaurant, maze, private rooms. Massage available.
    Crowd: Young Taiwanese crowd.

    rating of Office Club

    2780 Votes

  • Rainbow Sauna

    2/F No.142 Kun-Ming St,, Taipei

    Large, busy place. They keep it quite clean.
    Facilities: Steam, video room, reading area, private cabins.

    rating of Rainbow Sauna

    3759 Votes

  • Huang Gong Royal Palace

    20 Hsi Ning South Rd, Taipei

    Crowd: Lots of older types.No

    rating of Huang Gong (Royal Palace)

    2158 Votes

  • Bei-o-guan Business Inn

    155 Hsin Ning South Rd, Taipei


    rating of Bei-o-guan (Business Inn)

    1434 Votes

  • Chang Chun Bath House

    41 Quan-yuan Rd, Ba-tou district, Taipei

    o charge, public hot spring bathhouse with two small pools (one for men and the other for women). Best time is late night, no women come, they switch off all the lights and you can do almost anything. ...

    rating of Chang Chun Bath House

    2646 Votes

  • Hercules

    5/F, N0. 8 Min Tsu East Rd, Taipei

    Gay-owned and operated. Just above the health club is a rooftop bar called The Garden.

    rating of Hercules

    1747 Votes

  • Hua Yi Chun Hot Spring

    No 20, Lane 251 Chut-zu-hu Rd, Taipei


    rating of Hua Yi Chun Hot Spring

    2462 Votes

  • Aniki Club formerly Babylon Sauna

    B1, No. 20, Lane 353, Linsen N. Rd., Taipei, Taipei

    pdate 2/12/2009: this place has been renovated and reopened in Oct 2008.

    It's still open 24/7 with admission of around US$18 for weekdays (m to f) and around US$22 for holidays (including sat ...

    rating of Aniki Club (formerly Babylon Sauna)

    5074 Votes

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