Tucson Gay Cruising Areas

  • Greasewood Park

    , Tucson

    This place is great, it has a walking path that you can follow, then there are hundreds of trails through the desert.
    Crowd: All ages, college guys to older

    rating of Greasewood Park

    4394 Votes

  • Kennedy Park

    , Tucson

    Men's toilet is situated near the fishing lake. Gravel path offers good warning of approach.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Kennedy Park

    2188 Votes

  • Reddington Pass-Tanque Verde Falls

    , Tucson

    he beach is for general naturists, it's got str8 people and often, children. The meadow is mostly gay & bi, where all kinds of may occur. In between you might find anything... 12/17/04 A cruiser repo ...

    rating of Reddington Pass-Tanque Verde Falls

    9556 Votes

  • Tucson Mall formerly Macys

    4500 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson

    Very cruisy restroom with lots of under active. Noisy entrance door to give warning.

    rating of Tucson Mall formerly Macys

    2712 Votes

  • Rodeo Park

    , Tucson

    ust go into the restroom, pull it out, someone will usually follow you in. There are also some evergreen bushes along the softball field on the Irvington side, that's a good place to meet someone, too ...

    rating of Rodeo Park

    3206 Votes

  • Gollob Park

    , Tucson

    The restroom can be very active and is reasonably safe.

    rating of Gollob Park

    2095 Votes

  • Udall Park

    , Tucson

    Crowd: All types, jocks, businessmen, young and old.

    rating of Udall Park

    2394 Votes

  • I-10 Triple T Truck Stop

    , Tucson

    ruiser adds: There is no more gory holes or holes of any kind.
    The first three s have peep holes. The first two s have a nice big hole. A lot of jacking and action in the truck parking lot. The thi ...

    rating of I-10 Triple T Truck Stop

    4213 Votes

  • A Mountain

    S. Sentinel Peak Rd. (West Side of Tucson), Tucson

    Crowd: Hispanics - Gang Bangers.

    rating of A Mountain

    1848 Votes

  • Foothills Mall Food Court

    7401 N. La Cholla Blvd., Tucson

    Activity is hit and miss. Entrance door is noisy, giving lots of warning.

    rating of Foothills Mall Food Court

    1660 Votes